Here’s the Part Where I Go Back to Blogging


This is the 20th time the exact same words are coming out of my mouth and it’s alright. It’s not like I’ve been slacking off. I’m back to blogging.

This time, I will be more crass. My previous blog was very general patronage. I’ve decided early on to keep the juiciest stuff to myself. This included relationships, money, sadness (I still can’t use the word d*pre**ion in public without a shudder), death, fights and other conversations you wouldn’t bring up with your tita. Back then, I also wanted to seem happy. If I had a sad rant, they’d be more cryptic.

I have to be more real because I’m all grown up. I turned 23 last December. Even saying the number hurts my ears. I feel old. Being pushed into maturity at such a young age, I feel like this “life” thing has been dragging on for far too long.

Meep; morp; meep; morp.

In this next section, I’m going to reduce my life in the past three years in bullet points. The patience to relive memory is far too scarce these days:

  1. I traveled around Southeast Asia for a good few months. I was earning my keep as a writer and I had some cash for the tickets and a seaside shanty. It was a good run but undeniably exhausting. I derived complete satisfaction seeing my travel plans come together. When you’re in a country with words you can’t even read, watching your scheming come to life is extremely pleasurable. It could have been the fulfillment of my prophesies, not the adventure, that made me so happy. I don’t know what to feel about that.
  2. I moved to Manila with friends from high school. I sometimes feel like a wall in this house is made of glass and the other side is a live audience. My home life is a sitcom. In a few weeks, I would have lived in Manila for a year and a half.
  3. I got myself an office job. This was fueled by equal parts jealousy (all my friends are starting to get 9–5 jobs) and curiosity (I’ve never worked in an office except for brief stint at a dyingnewspaper). Don’t get too excited. After around 7 months, I’ve decided to quit.
  4. I’m seriously considering firing up a personal finance blog. I sometimes find a few thousand Pesos in my cabinet I couldn’t remember having. Sometimes, I find myself crying out for the next paycheck. I need a wake-up call and revealing my finances to the world might help.

A major reason why I decided to blog again is that joining an office and subscribing to a structure that is unnatural to me has left me with a lot to say. I also simply miss writing whatever the heck I want to write.

If you can subscribe, do so. I guarantee an exciting ride.