Pinoy Entrepreneurs: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Leo Lutero
Jun 6, 2017 · 4 min read
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Starting a business in the Philippines means going against a lot of hurdles and let’s be honest. Sometimes, you just want to make things as simple and easy as possible. And that’s not wrong. Cutting down your to-do list means more time and energy for what’s at the core of your business and the things that really need your undivided attention.

You’ve probably heard about the power social media holds for businesses. According to these stats, Filipinos spend 47% of their time online on social media. If the average Filipino spends 8.4 hours a day online, that’s almost four hours every day of opportunity for a brand to reach out.

But going social and doing it well is not always easy, especially for lean startups. This is why people like me, a social media manager, exist. Here are reasons why you should look into consulting one for your business:

1. Saves You Time and Effort

Social media management is a lot of work. On your first hour, you’d have to create the page, fill in the information and upload custom images with the right dimensions in the right space. After that, you can start creating your first posts.

With a social media manager, you have an expert who has the time to dedicate all the hours needed to get your pages up and running. No more fumbling around Facebook’s often-complicated set-up pages or uploading sharp images only to have them rendered pixelated and cheap. In such a visible platform as social media, you would want your brand to come off as polished.

2. It Means Collaborating With Curious People

Social media managers love doing a lot of things. We love talking to customers, we enjoy working with talented content designers and we love exploring new ways to get your business seen online.

When you work with a dedicated manager, you will have someone with a different background and expertise to work with. Entrepreneurs are usually tinkerers; they love to know how things work. Social media managers are not very different people. We also love to get our hands dirty and figure out how social media platforms work (and how to make it work for you, our clients). Great ideas can come out of your chats with your social media manager.

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3. You’ll Get a Refreshing Insight

In 2008, Facebook reached the hundred million users mark. This year, just nine years later, it hits a record 1.94 billion active user globally. (Forty-seven million of which are from the Philippines.) That averages to about 200 million new users every year. To cope, social media platforms are constantly reinventing themselves. Since 2014, the Facebook app released over 114 updates. Instagram, in a similar period, released about 100 updates.

Part of my job as a social media manager is to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the field. This helps me ensure that my clients only get the latest and the most effective strategies. During our meetings or in my proposals, I always try to tell clients about what’s the latest on the social media platforms they work on.

4. You’ll Get Consistency Online

Having someone dedicated to your social media presence equates to a level of quality that just can’t be replicated. Social media managers know the exact dimensions that make a great social media photo. We know how to find the most relevant content links your audience would love to read and share and we know how to write copy that sounds exactly like your brand.

With a social media manager, your online presence will be very refined, consistent and reliable — brand qualities you’d want your customers to see.

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5. You Can Build Your Brand Steadily

While getting more clients is the top reason why businesses hire me, I believe there is another more important yet often ignored benefit: brand growth. People are more likely to trust your business if you have 12,000 likes compared to having just 100. And your prospective online shopper will be happier to fall in line at your (digital) check-out if you have 50 reviews already up on your website, even if not everything is five stars.

Social media for businesses is about building a customer base that ultimately adds value to your brand. Through a capable social media manager, you can strengthen your identity in the market and make your way towards becoming a name in the industry. If people see that you have a following, they will know you’re worth their attention.

Social media is a platform brimming with opportunities for businesses in the Philippines. Period. No ifs; no buts. The best thing about it? It’s affordable and advertising opportunities on the platforms are very cost-effective. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a neighborhood cafe that just opened doors or a shop with 50+ branches nationwide — social media is more about striking the interest of people and less about bloated ad budgets. And if you can build a brand that strikes a chord with your audience, you can watch your brand skyrocket with the help of a trusty manager.*

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