Setup your CD workflow in less than 15 minutes and then stop worrying about it.

When we worked on our hackathon project, we wanted an easy way to immediately see the current state of our application. Ideally a new version should get deployed every time we push changes to the repository. This is commonly referred to as Continuous Deployment (CD). The GitLab blog has a nice introduction to the topic (and also how their tooling can help you implement CI/CD). They write:

Continuous Deployment is a software development practice in which every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production automatically, resulting in many production deployments every day. …

Peeribility or the Quest for Better Mobility

We shifted publishing content to our own website. With the new blog about software development, we will continue to share insights from our team regarding web development, tools, and company culture. We look forward to seeing you there!
From now on, you will find the original article here: “Why and How We Built in 24 Hours”.

Leonhard Melzer

Software Engineer @peerigon / Augsburg, Germany.

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