The world’s problems are more apparent than ever. Everyone grows and change and become more selfish than ever. The people I interact with, or to be exact, the people I observe, are either ignorant or passing on their energy to somewhere useless.

The important issues in life, are well, vanishing into oblivion.

Your social circle, comfort zone, relationships and everything that lies in there, doesn’t just stop there. You don’t just walk out of the house and claim that the air is yours.

The chicken on the plate, the greens in the fridge and the water on the table, are not yours.

In fact, nothing ever truly belongs to us. We are given nature’s energy to survive on this planet, called Earth. In return, what did we give back to the hands that feed us?

Land degradation. Darken skies. Oil spills.

How disgusting we are, really.

Even how small we think our decisions are, they create a massive impact on nature. The huge amount of plastic products that are thrown away; the demand for redundant consumer goods; the revolting food choices made.

Change. Please. (It does not end here. More to come.)