It is a friend. Someone I thought I knew. But actually know nothing about. He is a friendly person, with that subtle kick of charisma behind that smile of his. He doesn’t talk much but he observes well and stares blankly through my soul sometimes. He jokes around when comfortable but is very aware of limits he should not pass. He seems to have a lot going through his mind, but shrugs it off with a killer grin as always.

It is only until today, where gin manage to betray him and reveal the hidden side of his life.

He grew up in a family where his older sister was the only source of love, comfort and security in his childhood years. His parents were there for him, but at the meantime, not really so. He was berated “worthless” every single day, and cursed for existing.

His mum had to guess his age, and got it wrong. His dad walked away as he couldn’t find the answer to his birthday.

Communication was gone with the wind. Right from the start. He knew that it was of no use anymore, hoping to salvage this situation; where there isn’t anything to restore in the first place.

It’s something that wasn’t his fault to begin with. It’s a survival game in this unrelenting world.

He forgave, but he definitely couldn’t forget.