Fight to finish..

The fight is not always going to be physical, some may be emotional as may seem that the physical fight is tougher to face but the brutal reality is that the emotional fight puts more strain in the life that we live.

The fight being the fight to be fought ;
it cant be avoided nor just left ignored;
its the phase that we have to face;
with our own demons we might race;
which makes us reach our breaking point;
making us more animal than we already are in our mind;

sometimes to be found in the deep hole of misery and sorrows filled with darkness, where the feeling of being stuck is felt and clueless about what to do and how to fight and face the the darkness and climb up from the hole to reach the finish line with just a shimmer of hope just to keep it holding together inside.

The darkness that binds within the soul;
the fight that may seem lost;
trying to find the way to brighten the darkness;
with the grief of being left alone and heartless;
being drowned in the pit of own turmoil to cope;;
just living with the thought of finding hope ;

when everything seems dark and lost , it may seem that there is noting much that can be done , if the zest to fight and kill the demon inside is found then just pulling out of the misery may seem worth every struggle , pushing to the limit as mush as possible and then realizing the strength that was already inside has been released with force.

when everything seems lost inside;
noting to live for and all things died;
on the verge of giving up the rise to climb;
with the sorrow pulling down holding the time;
you could find a little ray of light;
the light which burns inside;

finding the light of hope and reason to fight may come at the most unlikely time when the realization strikes rather than just giving up and drowning in the sorrows and misery ,doing what was meant to do and not caring about the consequences.

The light which burns in the soul has been found ;
giving the purpose to live and fight;
no more living in self pity and plight;
but just being what i am and who i am;
will pull myself back to the light;
with just the hope and belief that i have in about what i am;

The demons can be fought with the trust about own existence and belief of reaching the finish line with every consequences and every turmoil faced to finally realize that every fight just pushes to be better and allows to grow.

The demons inside are the cruel thought of our own;
fight them with our own strength of your being;
never giving up on pushing yourself to the core;
on the fight you will find the real you ;
happy with what you are and content with what you have found is right;
finally realizing in the finish line all that matters is how you fought the fight.

The demons are always inside influenced and feed by third entity, fighting with own strength and own purpose with the hope will lead to the finish line.