Tableau: Calendar

Why not? Let’s make personal calendar in Tableau :)

As always, we will connect our workbook to the Sample Store database. In Columns we will put Weekday of Ship Date, and in Rows the Week of Ship Date. In filters we will put Ship Date and select Months. Showing corresponding filter allows us to choose months, but to make the calendar consistent, let’s choose Single Value (List) and deselect option All:

Putting Profit on Color, we will get something like this:

Put Year(Ship Date) in Filter and choose randomly one year (I chose 2013). Put Ship Date with the right-click on Label and choose Day(Ship Date). It will automatically change to the text format, that’s OK — you put it manually back to Square shape :) Also click on Color → Border and choose white color:

After that, change the font as well as alignment:

When we deselect Show Header option from the Week in the rows, we will get the best Tableau calendar ever made :)

Tableau original workbook (downloadable)

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