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When Silicon Valley wants to party, they usually make their way up to San Francisco. And why not? San Francisco has a ton of amazing nightlife, from EDM clubs to breweries to EDM clubs to wine bars to EDM clubs to whiskey lounges to more EDM clubs. Of course, making your way from Silicon Valley up to the City usually involves a car ride with a designated driver who plans on remaining reasonably sober, a long Uber or Lyft ride, or a trip up on the Bay Area’s own public transport, the Caltrain.

With the growing number of people Uber-ing…

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The NBA season is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited! A big part of my lifelong basketball obsession has been seeing how players with widely different skill-sets and personalities can still come together to become an effective team. At the risk of sounding self indulgent, it really does remind me of the different roles on the engineering team in a tech company. Just like on a great basketball team, a great technical team should have a mix of “All Stars”, “glue guys”, “specialists”, and other roles needed to accomplish the goal. …

Anyone who has spent time around the Bay Area quickly learns that Silicon Valley isn’t Hollywood. We aren’t famous for our beautiful, glamorous people. Nobody ever said to themselves: “I wish I could have a Silicon Valley body, like Reid Hoffman has.” Which is why it’s so bizarre to me that a Google search for “Silicon Valley diet” comes up with over 11 million results.

Which DON’T require you to drive up to San Francisco

When most folks in Silicon Valley think of going on a date, they immediately think of heading up to San Francisco. And it isn’t a bad idea. Between the great restaurants, exciting nightlife, and amazingly beautiful views, there’s a reason why everyone who lives and works in the valley prefers to play in the City.

Of course, Silicon Valley isn’t quite the suburban wasteland it’s often made out to be. Longtime residents usually have a reliable list of go-to date spots that have been around here for a while. Whether you live down in South Bay or even live in…

In my ten years working at tech companies in Silicon Valley, I’ve worked on a few projects that have been described as “sinking ships”. Usually, these projects have been stuck in managerial hell, with a revolving door of top leadership cycling through trying to “right the ship.” More often than not, some aspect of the product is simply not up to spec (the power consumption is too high, performance isn’t up to par, too much latency in a critical feature). The company is having trouble retaining employees, morale is low, and water cooler conversations revolve around what a mess everything…

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Worked in technical, marketing and sales roles in various tech companies. Passionate about GPU design, Blockchain, and Machine Learning. Avid surfer. 6ers fan.

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