Tea Leaves

No, for real I used to sit down with my little sister and point at my dad and say ‘you see how he treats women?’

Lord! Oh no!

It’s true. I would tell her to never have a man treat her like that.

Oh my god. I’m laughing because I can see my kids having that conversation and pointing to me. Fo’ real.

But don’t get me wrong, I mean my dad raised me. I have so much love and respect for him, but I would always be like ‘don’t treat her like that.’ And I didn’t even like these women in particular.

Lord. That’s too much. My ex, when we broke up a few years ago she said to me ‘you’re going to be with a lot of young women.’ and I was never even like that. She was the first woman I had been with who was younger than me.

What is that? It’s something that I only see women do. They will say some shit like that offhand, but it will be like they are telling you your fortune or something.

Aint it!

They are always so glib with it too, to make it worse.

That’s hilarious. So yeah, she said that and it just kept on with me for some reason. And it’s been true. I have this attraction to these hood women. I don’t know. My girlfriends were never like that. They were never drinkers or partiers. They were on top of their stuff. But I have always been messing around with these hood women because I can be honest with them. I don’t have to pretend. But it’s not like I wanna live like that all my life. And now I see myself changing but I’m still in the world.

And these women are watching you change.

I guess. I mean I talk to a lot people and they are always like man you really made me see something right there. It happens constantly.

I relate.

There’s this young girl I’ve been kicking it with for the last three or four weeks. She is wiiiiild, and just beautiful. She got two kids though and she’s not a good mother. But since I been with her a bit, She is paying more attention to her kids, she’s not yelling at them. It’s good. And I feel like I can offer that.

We need love from inside in the community.

That’s it there though you know man.

It is.

That’s it.

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