Jet-skiing in Balboa Island (Newport Beach)

Balboa Island (Newport Beach, CA)

This weekend I drove the 50 miles from Los Angeles to Newport Beach, connected to Balboa.

The drive is really simple. If you’re on the 405 South, there’s two freeway transfers but it’s not stressful lane changing or anything. One freeway just seamlessly turns into another.

Unlike Catalina Island with a ferry that costs almost $100, there’s no need to take a ferry. There’s Balboa Peninsula where you can drive straight from Newport, and Balboa Island where you can drive straight across a bridge.

There isn’t that much to do where you’d need a whole weekend or anything. An afternoon is more than enough!

First thing on Balboa Island is to grab a famous Balboa Bar or Frozen Banana. There’s a few stands down this main shopping street called Marine Avenue that cuts through the whole island. You can walk it from one coast of the island to the other in five minutes, and there’s a bunch of cute shops with home decor, gifts, and snacks.

Next, I walked around the whole island. It didn’t take very long and the view is really beautiful and relaxing. Paid $1 to take the ferry across to Balboa Peninsula. If you want to rent a boat on the island, you have to reserve it in advance. But there is much more availability on the peninsula.

We rented a jet ski for $160. It fit both of us, and the reservation was for about an hour and a half.

You can only go like 4mph in the harbor until you get to the ocean and it took FOREVER! A good chunk of our time was spent getting to and from the ocean. It was relaxing but not that exhibiting.

I’d probably recommend going in late morning or early afternoon. There were clouds and big waves by the time we got out.

We got an early dinner at Balboa Barbie Q. Everything brisket was amazing…. The sandwich, the fries.

Didn’t hit any traffic on the way back and picked up pup from daycare in DTLA on the way home.

Besides the jet skis this would’ve been a completely dog friendly trip, you can bring pups on the Duffy.

I don’t know if I’ll be back but I would definitely recommend it!

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