My Mirror Shows Temperature, My Next Events And The BBC’s Latest News

Everyday waking up, my wife and I got tired of having to open some weather app and check it to decide what kind of clothes we would wear. Was it raining that day? Sunshine throughout the day? Depending on the temperature and the sky’s mood, we chose our clothes.

Wanting to fix this problem, I decided to create a Smart Mirror to “tell” me the weather/temperature, my next events and latest news from BBC.

Inspired by some incredible web and design projects, I’ve been creating and improving my own mirror. This is what I bought to build it:

The hardest part of this project is how to assemble the mirror properly. Here is a brief guide to what I’ve done so far:

  • Applied the reflective film onto Acrylic Sheet following Reflective Film instructions on youtube It was my first time applying a reflective film, as a result it didn’t become perfectly fitted.
  • Stuck all of the black paper on the back of the mirror to avoid the light come trough it and create a trully mirror effect. A space measuring the tablet’s screen was left without black paper.
  • Fixed the tablet on that blank space.

Having assembled all those items, it was time for me to build the app, open it on the tablet and see every piece of information. So far, the mirror is showing 3 pieces of information: my next events from my Google Calendar, the current temperature and forecast for the next 3 days and latest BBC News. I wrote below the technology to build the website:

With the app up and running, it was time to check the weather and the latest news!