In Response to the Lieutenant General

The following post was shared by a person I follow who is both a spiritual a business leader. I was quite disappointed to say the least. This was one of those pieces that I felt the need to deconstruct paragraph by paragraph. The gentleman who composed it is more narrow minded than he would like to admit. I posted my paragraph by paragraph response to this that I shared with the person who shared it. Don’t take anything at face value, everyone has an agenda and arm yourself with facts and research. Excuse the tone, I was a little worked up when I put this together. My responses are in italics.

Colin Kaepernick has every #constitutional right to sit out the playing of the national anthem. It is not a crime and he exercised his individual right as a #American. While he disgusts me beyond what I can explain, the sad truth is that he has no knowledge of US history and has listened without thinking to people like Al Sharpton and others.

So the thought of someone taking a stand on an issue that you don’t agree with disgusts you? It just doesn’t seem like it’s in the spirit of Democracy, or free thought. He didn’t stand for a song, it’s not like he killed anyone. He didn’t even desecrate a flag. A song, by the way, that glorifies killing slaves that ran away to fight with Canada in the War of 1812 (see the 3rd verse); of which, I am sure you know considering you’re a Lieutenant General and a History buff, was a war of aggression by America. The Star Spangled Banner hasn’t even been our National Anthem 100 years (adopted in 1932 by an Act of Congress signed by Herbert Hoover). You act like he burned the Constitution or spat on a soldier. Get over yourself.

Their message is consistently about how minorities cannot get ahead because of institutional #racism in America. So #ColinKaepernick listens to that and does no research to get the facts and know the truth about the nation that has saved the world from #tyranny multiple times.

It is interesting that you immediately go to how we have saved the “World” from tyranny to avoid the Institutional Racism issue. Nice diversion. But since you won’t address it, I will, in general terms, so as to not offend your fragile “American” sensibilities. The first African slaves arrived in the “New World” in 1619, which by my count was 397 years ago. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, which was 52 years ago. That means that this country, and the people that founded it, operated under the assumption that White people were superior for 345 years. Let’s say that one stroke of LBJ’s pen magically created instant equality the second the ink dried. Do you really think that the systems and institutions designed to benefit one race over ALL others for 345 years would be completely obsolete in just 52. That’s simple math, logic and psychology (you’re a Lieutenant General so you should be acquainted with all of those.). That’s really all he is saying, he is just saying in a way that doesn’t cater to you fragile sense of racial identity.

He could care less about the sacrifice that has been made by America for people all over the world. I am sensitive about this issue because I was there in #Somalia when we lost 16 men trying to bring stability to the country after a notorious warlord named Mohammad Aideed was deliberately killing Somalis all over Mogadishu.

If I am not mistaken, the battle of Mogadishu was in 1993 under President Bill Clinton. I find it hilarious that you picked this as the “Historical Defense of Tyranny” because the only time that any developed country cares what about happens in Africa is if there are natural resources at stake, and, as fate and geography would have it, Somalia is relatively untouched and full of uranium, bauxite, copper, iron ore, tin, gypsum, salt, natural gas, and probable oil reserves. Special attention to the first and last. I can state this because only six months later, our President (the very same one that signed off on Mogadishu), and our military (the very same that raided Mogadishu), sat idly by as 800,000 (official numbers, researchers believe it was well over 1 million) Black Africans in a small country called Rwanda were killed in 100 days. We had 100 days to save these people from tyranny, but Rwanda did little more than grow coffee and tea, so America would not even utter the word genocide so as not to be bound by UN charter to intercede.

Mr. Kaepernick probably does’t know enough about history or geography to realize that we lost these men trying to protect black #Africans from tyranny. Oh and by the way, none of the men who died were black. So just let this young ignorant jerk sit on the sidelines and think that he is doing something special while the #NFL pays him millions. Maybe he will spend a few dollars to buy a history book and get the facts.

It seems that you are selective in your recollection of history, considering you were probably still in Africa when Rwanda happened, and geography says that you were on the same continent. Defending Black people in general has never been the cause of America. When it does happen, there is usually capitalistic gain on the back end. So you should stop being a divisive and ignorant jerk and try to empathize with people who haven’t had as blessed of a life as you. Also, using his wealth as an argument to discount his voice is counter the Bible, because he never said that HE was oppressed. He is trying to use his voice and platform to help those who are:

40And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tellyou, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’ Matthew 25:40

Of course there is racism in America and every other country of the world as well. But dipsticks like Colin blame America first for every ill in the world yet they get big profits from a nation they hate.

Institutional racism will continue to flourish as long as dipsticks like you continue to peddle this divisive propaganda to an uninformed and uneducated populace. He doesn’t hate America, he loves it enough to look at it critically and try to push it to become better. Much like you would your own child.

Isn’t this a great country? Where else could you do that?

If you believe Donald Trump and ALL of his followers, no it is not, because the word again, as in ‘Make America Great Again’, implies that it is not currently and once was. But, I do agree with you that America is Great, but because we are great now, doesn’t mean that we are above reproach and shouldn’t strive to be better in ALL facets for the future.