A list of values the engineering team live and work by

A nice picture of a stone path up a mountain as a metaphors for core values being the start of a journey.

Simple Code is Elegant

Tidy, readable, simple code is paramount. It makes reviewing PR easier, it makes coming back to the code after 18 months easier, it makes your peers like you more.


Constructive conversations over background criticism. Call it out when you see it (even if in other parts of the company). …


A “permanent address” has become less relevant as society is driven forward by technology. I no longer need (or want) physical post, at best it is an inconvenience and at worst it causes me to miss important information. I’m removing my postbox.

Proof of Address (PoA)?

As I…

Three of My Favourite Business Videos

How Ravelin moved from a multi-repository to a mono-repository


Ravelin moved from a multi-repository set-up to a mono-repository.

Leonard Austin

Cofounder & CTO of Ravelin.

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