Tips On How To Sell Yourself On Social Media

Advertising and selling your business or services on social media is becoming the norm. Even for services like chiropractic care, you need to have a strong online presence if you hope to gain new clients or customers, or have any sort of following. But, how can you sell yourself on these social media platforms without spending tons in advertising? Well, simply by taking advantage of features they offer for free.

For instance, Facebook has recently introduced Marketplace. This is a forum where people can come buy and sell different items to other Facebook users depending on location. It is simple and easy to use, and allows you to connect quickly and efficiently. Granted, this is geared more towards product retail or privately owned items, but services can still be made known through Marketplace by offering up deals, etc.

One social media platform that is more geared towards service providers is Kajabi. Kajabi is a site that allows you to turn content and ideas into sellable product. For example, you can turn your video blogs into live event replays. You’re blogs into online coaching. You can add coaching groups, online courses, membership sites, and the list goes on. Plus, you can create landing pages, which can help boost your Chiropractic SEO tremendously.

Another create social media forum for starting to build your Chiropractic SEO and gain a following is WiseIntro. WiseIntro basically lets you build a web page form the ground up. It’s free, unless you want to upgrade for less than $10 a month. And, it’s easy to use and helps you design exactly what you’re looking for. You can even connect it to your own online store, making it easier to sell your product.

Instagram is not only a popular social media forum to use for pictures and sponsor ads, but it now has a Shop Now button. This button makes it easy to take a user straight from Instagram, right onto your website, where your products and services are waiting for them.

Going along with Instagram is Yotpo. Yotpo allows you to boost your sales in Instagram by turning your Instagram pictures into an online store. When you sing op for Yotpo, you’ll get a unique backlink to an online shop that is build around your Instagram feed. You’ll then put this link in your bio on your Instagram or website. It’s as easy as that!

Chirpify is great to help increase engagement through social media loyalty programs. Essentially, it gives your followers a reason to post about and engage with your brand. You use it by rewarding followers for talking about your brand, or clinic, and you make it easier to start conversation on social media about how great your services are. The other great thing about Chirpify is that it offers in-depth analytics so you can see what’s working and what doesn’t. Which takes out all of the guesswork on your social media ROI. Plus, when using a platform such as Chirpify, you once again can help boost your Chiropractic SEO, or any other kind of SEO for that matter.

Social media is obviously here to stay. So, 2017 is a good time to start thinking about how you can use it to your best advantage. More and more sales of products and services are being done through social media sites. By gaining knowledge about these platforms, and how you can best use them; you can set yourself up for a happy and successful year.