My Mother’s Day Card: A Lesson on Leadership

Mother’s Day Card written by my son

I’m not sure about your kids but mine love to write cards and when it comes to writing their Mother’s Day card, they don’t really need any help from me. Typically, when my son writes a card he plops me on a chair, sits on my lap, and says “Daddy tell me what to write.” But for Mother’s Day, my son needs no help. He scurries into his room, closes the door and writes the words that come from his heart. This year, here’s what he wrote:

To our mommy,
Thank you for being the best in the world.
You are our everything.
We love you forever and ever.
There is nobody like you in the whole wide world.

Simple. Thoughtful. Full of love.

There is something to be said about leadership here (a topic that I often think about):

Leadership exemplified through dedication, commitment and love naturally inspires those you lead.

With so many articles and blogs written about leadership and inspiration, the simple and most insightful lessons are revealed to me in the most practical and obvious ways. My son and daughter’s appreciation and love for me and wife are real life examples of this. Looking back at my life, there have been people in my life that have led me here: My parents, music teacher, mentors, friends and, more recently, executive leaders at my company. The CEO in my company really boils leadership characteristics and values to something very palatable and simple:

  1. Work Ethic
  2. Integrity
  3. Team
  4. Results Orientation

Sounds simple, right? In reality, executing this is one of the hardest things you can do. These are the exact principles and values that my wife (and mother of two) practices everyday (with the additional item item of get as much R&R as possible). Leadership takes commitment. It takes dedication. It takes a long time. Thank you to all the mother’s who’ve taught us the important things in life and who’s taught me how to become a better leader. Happy Mother’s Day!

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