What’s like to have your book published

Look at my dumb happy face, it says it all.

That dumb happy face tho

Finally I was able to publish my first book in English after translating it and making it into an e-book.

I wanted to try and make also a printed version but here they cost a lot to be printed, also there’s a minimum amount that you’ve got to buy. I tried with Amazon and when my first printed book arrived in my house, I couldn’t be happier.

When I was 10–12 years old I remember I already had a passion for writing, publishing with school a couple of poems, which I still have. To me writing is a way of expressing the human nature, which is a thing we shouldn’t forget about in these chaotic days where “being successful” is the new religion.

Being successful is important and we should just remind ourselves that we’re human beings first.

By the way, back to the story, I’ve spent a good amount of time learning how to format properly a book using WORD and there are still some mistakes I’ve got to take care about, that’s why this version of the book is just a prototype.

In 2017, after many things that happened to me, I decided to turn my first book (which I had written in paper) into an e-book and so I did, that’s how I started.

Was pretty hard for me to overcome my natural laziness and negative thoughts but when it was online it was exciting to see my idea turned into something real.

After that I wrote a little poems e-book and “That girl who loved to read”. Having a printed version in your hands is weird, really weird.

You have in your hands something you created, something you had in your mind, which didn’t exist before.

This reminds me of a (partial since I got a bad memory) quote from Taoism that says:

“ Everything that exists, comes from non-existing “

Still not selling those books ’cause I’m not marketing them yet, but is that bad to be just happy for what I realized of myself even if I’m not making money with it?

Many people nowadays say that the majority of e-books are being published just to get rich and to have personal brand exposure, what do you think about that?

With this article I just wanted to share my happiness and perhaps get someone moving to do the things they love, even if they look like a waste of time and money.

Thank you for reading, Leo.