Work from any city in the world, while you travel. Here’s how!

We are ever increasingly mobile, nomadic, and geekier.

While a diamond may be forever, a desk doesn’t have to be. With Ultrabook’s and MacBook’s becoming thinner and lighter by the day, working (and having fun) while travelling or in the places which inspire us most is becoming part of everyday life.

Yes, there is a growing army choosing to leave behind the time card and the grey cubicle with a desk the same as everyone else’s. You can sit down in a café, on the sofas packed into a coworking space, or anywhere else you can even imagine.

You just need a Wi-Fi connection and you can get to work anywhere! There are even those who have chosen to live and work while permanently on the road, or in any case while continually changing city and country. How can you do it? Here is our guide to “digital nomadic working” in 2015: where to find the most stimulating places, how to get a connection and work anywhere, and (last but not least) how to keep your Ultrabook or MacBook ready for work at all times, like with the Dark Slim work-in bag, for example.

Coworking: a personal office in every city in the world

Certainly, dropping everything and leaving for the other side of the world is not for everyone. We are not all ready to take a leap in the dark — are we? Well, taking it one step at a time, you can start by sharing your desk with other people like you.

Over the last few years, many so-called coworking set-ups have popped up in many cities around the world. It is not just a question of cost cutting (renting a desk which is ready to go costs a lot less than finding and furnishing an office from scratch): these are places in which ideas circulate more freely and original collaborations and influences are born. You will find copywriters working with computer engineers, designers teaming up with market researchers, and so on …

If you have just landed in a city and you are looking for somewhere to set yourself up for a day, a month or a year, the Global Coworking Map brings together a huge number of desks available on all 5 continents.

Alternatively, whether you need a desk or an entire meeting room to meet customers on the run, there is also Copass and Sharedesk: in Milan, Bangkok or Sydney, there is always a chair or a sofa waiting for you.

Don’t know which will be your next world city to work from, and above all if it is for you? Take some inspiration from NomadList: you can find your next adoptive country on the basis of its internet speed, quality of (night)life, ideal climate, security etc. Quartz has also drawn up a list of the best cities in the world for coworking.

Wake up and smell the coffee: Wi-Fi for working is now almost everywhere

If, on the other hand, you are someone who prefers to dive into a place’s atmosphere even while you are working, and the hustle and bustle doesn’t disturb you or even inspires you, you just need an app like Wi-Fi Finder (available both for iOS and Android) to discover the nearest network and see how to get there on a map.

You can thus choose to stretch out in a park, sit down on a bench, or if the weather is less accommodating, enter an internet café.

They are certainly warmer and more welcoming places where concentrating on work is simpler. For this reason we recommend WorkHardAnywhere, an app which gathers together the places where you can fill up your tank with a dose of caffeine and so not lose focus. Or else you can consult city by city guides: particularly well done are those by Lovintrends and WifiCafeGuide.

And if you happen to pass by Milan, we can offer you your Wi-Fi connection at Tucano Picnic — and while we’re at it, how about a free coffee and a recharge for your devices?

Find work on the internet so you can earn anywhere

So you’ve found your ideal city, you’ve arrived there and you’ve found your niche in a coworking facility or a welcoming internet café. And now? How can you find work while remaining free to change city even tomorrow, if the fancy takes you? There are many possibilities.

For example, you can do “gigs” (e.g. individual jobs) on a platform like Fiverr: this way you can make the most of your skills, a particular talent, or even your native language to provide a service to a virtually world-wide customer base. Many people have already taken advantage, offering services ranging from voice-overs to logo design, 3D animation to strategic consultancy.

Another interesting solution is UpWork: in this case you provide your freelance services at a pre-defined hourly rate, offering yourself in the area(s) in which you have expertise. The fields are also more varied in this case, ranging from creative work to accounting.

You might also want to read the various guides which teach you how to become a nomadic digital worker — accounts from those who have managed it, like these eight stories on TNW.

And how can I take my notebook with me anywhere? (And we mean anywhere)

This, on the other hand, has been covered by the designers at Tucano Lab with Dark Slim, the “work-in” style notebook bag, specifically designed for those who want to work via the internet from wherever they find themselves.

Basically, you carry it over your shoulder like a normal laptop bag, but you can open it up at any moment to work with your Ultrabook or MacBook, whether it is a 12” or 13” Retina Pro — without ever having to take it out of the bag.

Externally it is covered with high-strength thermoformed EVA material, so that even if you have to send an email on the run and you are at risk of dropping it, your laptop won’t even notice!

What’s more, to improve the ergonomics and keep the Dark bag still on your (improvised) work surface or desk, the side which functions as the base has rubber feet which ensure maximum grip.

On the front, Dark Slim has a pocket with an organised panel where you can keep your smartphone, business cards, your notes, a power bank or other accessories.

And when you’ve finished working, you can also hold your laptop in place with the Anti-Slip System: a micro-mesh elastic strap with safety closure, which prevents your MacBook or PC from slipping out accidentally.

The inner pockets which Dark boasts are lined in a velvety fleece material designed to provide perfect protection for an iPad mini, iPad Air or other tablet up to 12 inches in size, as well as any documents you might need to keep with you.

With this bag, any city in the world can become your office or design studio. In the world? In the solar system, that should read: what, didn’t you know the moon now has Wi-Fi too? Just FYI.

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