Labeling Latinos: Truth or Lies?

As you stare into the eyes of an immigrant, there is pain, strain from the voyage abroad, and true fear. This fear is not one of personal ambition to get ahead in life, but for losing the opportunity for your children and future generations of your lineage losing the opportunity to succeed. Life at this point for someone looking to better themselves and their future is no longer achievable once this comes into realization but an object worth risking for the sake of their family. The family traditions of Latinos is centered on the idea of being family oriented, though there are personal prerogatives that can lead an individual astray, the community as a whole focuses tremendously on pride and the betterment of their kin. This pride thus intersects with those in their immediate family creating a bond that is undeniable from sibling to sibling, sibling to parent, parent to parent. Though there are close relationships between families from those of Latino descent, race divisions runs deep through the veins of America from coast to coast, buried all the way to the core of its significance. Thus once an individual that is foreign comes to the states, these cultural traditions that they are accustomed to is flipped on its head and used as a racial slur

In such a liberal area within the Bay Area, it has becomes an international harbor for so many across the world that now has for innovation in technology. Their is a significant amount of ethnicities being represented within the Bay Area but as a community, it is a safe haven for immigrants both legal and illegal, especially for Latinos who are consistently persecuted for their illegal entering into the United States. For the sake of discussion these illegal aliens are entering a land their forefathers have cultivated that has been taken away, the story of so many that have been slighted by those in power. Even so, with any incident that is done wrong it can ultimately represent the demise of their identity in a country that is so distant from their homeland.

On Monday of July 6th, 2015, there was an extreme blow to the overall perception of Latinos, specifically the scapegoats of the immigrant pun just south of the the United States, Mexicans. Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal past, was charged with the killing of a young women Kathryn Stienle from a stolen gun by an officer from the Bureau of Land Management (Judson, Berger, 2016, Fox News). The bullet that that had struck Mrs. Stienle ricocheted off the platform of a popular pier in San Francisco striking and killing this young women. This image in which so many Latinos have worked to recreate their identity in the establishment of The united States was tarnished as this individual represented the very idea the hysteria Americans alike have envisioned . According to ICE (Immigrants and Customs Enforcement), he had been deported five times, most recently in 2009, and his record included seven prior felony convictions. ICE briefly had him in their custody after he completed a prison sentence in California, but turned him over to San Francisco on an outstanding warrant for a felony drug charge in late March (Judson, Berger, 2016, Fox News).

In a detailed statement released Monday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said that at the time it had turned over Sanchez to local law enforcement, it also had requested that they be kept apprised of any changes in his status — and they weren’t. The circumstances surrounding Sanchez have reignited the debate over so-called sanctuary city policies (Judson, Berger, 2016, Fox News). In the absence of federal action, sanctuary jurisdictions remain as a significant public safety problem throughout the country. These policies have resulted in the release of more than 10,000 criminal aliens that ICE was trying to deport, allowing these offenders to remain in the community and commit more crimes.

Amidst this incident, the derogation of a significant amount of the American population, that mind you are all immigrants since its creation, now fight an uphill battle that continues to topple over the consciousness of the Latino population. Representing over 20 countries, the grouping of so many south of the United States border is almost unfair as there are clear divides from country to country and culture to culture in how they represent themselves. Yet no matter what is said and even if truth is revealed, all are thus labeled as criminals with darker hair and a skin complexion that is a lighter shade of brown. As a result they cannot escape the mutilation of their image. What has come to the forefront now are the scapegoats, the Mexicans. They are the “corrupt”, and with this label it has created another staple of fear for immigrants entering the land of the free because of the ethnic subjugation facing anyone matching the Latino complexion.

This incident has called into question the harboring of such individuals in these sanctuary cities that amass to over 300 jurisdictions throughout the United States ( Jessica, Vaughn, Jan. 2016 Sanctuary Cities). Information was later compiled from FOIA requests to make this information available on this site revealing that there over 10,000 criminal aliens still within the United States. Even though ICE has these criminals on a list for immediate deportation, those who are still staying in the UNited States create a unique problem to the identity if there was ever an incident of criminal activity to happen. Unfortunately with intersectionality of the immigrant shooting in San Francisco, ICE, and the sanctuary cities it has greatly heightened the hysteria for the weariness of immigrants entering the country especially those who speak primarily Spanish because of the killing of Ms. Steinle. With National Security the primary concern of many citizens in the United States, it had evolved into a true spectacle into questioning can foreigner be trusted and do they fit the stereotypes already bestowed on them.

With the ability to proliferate certain news content and media in the realm of hyperreality , quick information coinciding with headlining news dominates the content available for the casual reader. Fear is one of the greatest utilities used to help push opinions and to persuade public opinion. If life is at stake for an individual and a true crime of murder has been committed, it will catch in the realm of the media. With the instantaneous information being retrieved from the masses, reasoning is limited but catch phrases and images are imprinted on the user thus creating a story for a group of people from one incident. It is from this shooting that it wasn’t a call to facts in whether or not the information was true, but what was called to question was the nature immigrants. This nature was whether or not if they could be civil in the United States and under these terms, the Mexican fit all the description of being unruly and uncivil. Through the media you not only have an incident quantified to the millions but now is given birth to a phenomena that can last forever on the web of such an ill-witted and deplorable action.

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