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The cryptocurrencies a new universe in the process of creation

The cryptographic world is in full expansion. Many of the main cryptocurrencies have considerably increased their market capitalization to position themselves as the main referents worldwide. New projects that seek to position their cryptocurrency within the market are forced to implement technological innovations to reduce waiting times, reduce the costs associated with each operation or simply propose a marketing strategy where holders obtain considerable benefits.

The new currencies make their utility the main tool to add value to their assets. For this reason, many of the nascent crypto are directly associated with projects that turn assets into an investment, with more complex characteristics than traditional investments. Despite this complexity, the high levels of profitability and the decentralized nature of this type of technology make the cryptographic world one of the most attractive options when it comes to investing money in recent times.

The volatility of the markets: Friend or Enemy?

One of the characteristics of the price of cryptocurrencies is their high volatility. This characteristic is due to multiple factors and often does not even depend on the members of the community. However, with the sudden ups and downs and little knowledge about the means or procedures of the Exchanges, many invests suffered large losses of capital due to this situation.


This is undoubtedly one of the risks that are present within this business scheme. Due to this risk, many of the investors choose to widely diversify their cryptographic assets: “They do not put all the eggs in the same basket”. The Exchanges are the tool designed for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. If you have access to a cryptoactive exchange platform where our data is completely safe, reliable, without high costs associated with each transaction or long waiting times for the completion of transactions we would have a great ally in our favor. This context the volatility of the markets turns from a Greek tragedy to a niche of possibilities

In this situation OnePageX becomes the best ally for investors. But what is OnePageX?

OnePageX: Exchange of tomorrow


OnePageX is a platform where you can exchange cryptocurrencies, all on one page without having to redirect you to other pages or platforms. Here we will find all the benefits of an Exchange on a single page, without all the problems that affect other Exchanges. It is an effective tool, which saves time and money and converts transactions to convert cryptocurrencies into a simple three-step procedure. No registration is required with which anonymity is guaranteed to all its clients and it has low rates, these are the key competitive advantages with which OnePageX is positioned in the market. excel from other platforms.

The main idea from which OnePageX was conceived is to have a platform where you can achieve commerce and the conversion of cryptocurrencies in the simplest, most effective and efficient way possible. Based on this idea, the platform starts with a list of 140 cryptocurrencies, including ETH, LTC, GoChain, etc., which can be obtained from Bitcoin.

Benefits of OnePageX

OnePageX is positioned within the market as the main tool for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for its two main characteristics Simplicity and anonymity.

Simplicity: OnePagex makes available its platform in which with three simple steps you can be exchanging bitcoins for any other cryptocurrency listed on your platform. The exchange process in this platform is the simplest in the cryptographic world, ideal for those with limited knowledge and for those who wish to carry out multiple transactions without having to change platforms.


Anonymity: one of the recurring problems in the virtual world is attacks, which both users and platforms receive, in order to violate their security systems. The blockchain is not exempt from this evil, for this reason many users resort to anonymity as the main means of protecting their digital assets. In OnePageX you can obtain the desired anonymity, without the cumbersome protocols of KYC or the long waiting times for confirmation of data and information to carry out transactions.

Fair prices and reduced waiting times


Another of the attributes that positions OnePageX as one of the main platforms within the blockchain is that cryptocurrency exchanges are made at the best prices in the market. Users will find the best benefit for their digital assets, this is possible since OnePageX is integrated into the main global Exchanges. The highest profitability is guaranteed.

OnePageX for each of the transactions carried out within its platform charges a commission of 0.5%, eliminating the high commission rates that made it almost impossible to make any type of exchange without incurring user losses. This platform is designed so that transactions have a maximum duration of 25 minutes.



OnePageXaware of the need of many ecosystems to integrate with Exchange to achieve the popularization of its crypto, obtain liquidity and market capitalization makes available to all a widget with which users can make exchanges in OnePageX directly from the page of their community . Since simplicity is one of the main values of this community, those users who want this tool on their website will only have to add a short code fragment and that’s it. Your site and OnePageX will be connected without major complications, it is a tool that everyone uses to win.

From the internet to the network of exchange of value


The creation of the internet allowed the flow and exchange of information as never before seen. The world is interconnected in a great network and many of the technological advances that followed were only possible thanks to the existence of it.

With the passage of time, many applications developed to become the main tool in the lives of millions of people worldwide. The creation of this technology presents a qualitative and quantitative leap in the schemes of economic, commercial relations and even interrelationships throughout the world.

At first, the greatest impact of this technology was the possibility of carrying out commercial transactions without the need for an intermediary or a regulator. What changed the way of doing business up to that moment conceived. With the passage of time and the growth of the cryptographic community, the specialists concluded that the impact of this technology goes much further than an alternative means or way to carry out financial transactions.


The creation of digital currencies has marked the beginning of what is beginning to be known as the “Internet of value”. The Blockchain allows the exchange of value without intermediaries until now to sell, buy or exchange any asset was required an intermediary such as a bank, a market (physical or digital), the credit card company or a third-party booking service such as Airbnb , this without taking into account the limitations imposed in some cases by existing legal regulations.

Blockchain technology allows users to transfer their assets directly from one party to another, without intermediaries. The transfer is validated according to the protocols of the technologies associated with its digital asset, but the transaction is permanent and is completed instantly. The internet became the main marketing tool worldwide and Onepagex makes available a blockchain technology where the value will be able to move around the world as the information does easily and quickly.

The future of OnePageX


OnePageX seeks to position itself as the main Exchange worldwide. For this, it intends to have the largest list of digital assets at the best prices in the market. With this vision in mind, it seeks to enable the possibility of trading with most cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. The OnePageX team will continue to add more cryptoactives to its growing database of more than 150 cryptocurrencies. This database will be continuously expanded to guarantee users the widest range of cryptocurrencies to work with.

For now, conversions can only be made from bitcoins to other cryptocurrencies but work is being done so that in the future users have more options to work. OnepageX becomes one of the references of the Internet of value. The commercialization of goods and services becomes a dynamic process which opens a range of possibilities, where there is a flow of information this new economic model will be present.

As the cryptographic community is in constant construction and deconstruction, the OnePageX team will be constantly updating and adapting to the OnePageX page. This in order to add features that will improve the ability to serve users effectively.

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