With OnepageX we can be sure that simplicity is not combated with security

Any enthusiast of the cryptographic world or an investor willing to buy cryptoactives have run into the Exchanges and their cumbersome KYC protocols, the handling of long and complicated access codes and has found it necessary to provide confidential personal information to these platforms for their utilization. This situation violates people’s security and anonymity is lost within the cryptographic world, users become prone to malicious attacks where large amounts of money and valuable confidential information are lost.
OnePageX creates a platform that is the best option for the popularization of the cryptographic world. With OnePageX we have a private, anonymous exchange, easy to use and reliable. This platform will allow users to enjoy all the privacy, simplicity at the same time having a system with high security of the most current. OnePageX is creating a platform that will change the way we exchange our crypts nowadays.

OnePageX puts all this on one page, without redirects or logins, preventing users from wasting time and maintaining privacy at the highest level. Another feature of the OnePageX service is that it offers the widest choice of cryptocurrency options for users to easily exchange their BTCs and now their litecoin.

To celebrate its launch, OnepageX takes commissions to 0% for each transaction made until the end of the year. This platform has one of the most reasonable rate in the cryptographic world 0.5%. The commissions are included in the estimated balances when creating the exchange card.
OnePageX has a search engine that rates the best market price fairer for all the pairs on the platform! This gives users the certainty that they will get the best benefit for their assets

What happens if my transaction is not confirmed?

If the transaction is not confirmed after several hours of the operation, OnePageX has a form to contact technical support where they can explain their case properly. You must provide the URL with the session of your transfer and the support team will contact you as soon as possible with an appropriate response.

How does it work

1) Choose the pair of coins to be exchanged
2) Add the address where you want to receive the funds
3) Generate the unique address corresponding to the transaction and generate the deposit address. With the Url you can verify the transaction status.

The estimated time to complete the transaction successfully is approximately 25 minutes. The execution time will depend on the confirmation times of the blockchain transactions involved.

Operation status

• To be confirmed: the deposit has not been received by the blockchain and OnePageX has not been able to confirm the operation.
Queue withdrawal: the withdrawal was confirmed and processed, and the funds that are going to be deposited are waiting to be transferred.
Below the minimum: the transaction does not meet the minimum required by the platform.
Marking for review: an error occurred in the process and is under review, OnePagex guarantees its assets despite the conditions.


With onepagex if you have a web page or a blog and you want your users to use the advantages that OnePageX offers, you just have to copy and paste the following code and you will find yourself linked to Onepagex.

< div style=”display: flex; justify-content: center;”>< iframe src=”https://onepagex.com/box/v1" width=”800" height=”400"
style=”border: none;”>Unable To Load Widget< /iframe>< /div>


In 2019, many cryptographic projects come to light. This makes the cryptographic world enthusiasts have an immense variety of options to invest. This generates that many users wish to exchange their Bitcoins for any other crypto and seek to do it in the easiest and safest way, with onepagex will only take a few clicks, without resorting to the cumbersome KYC, protecting the privacy of each user throughout the process .

With OnepageX we can be sure that simplicity is not fought with security.