Patron guarantees the success of your campaign by bringing together the best world-class influencers


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Social networks are the largest interaction space of human beings up to the moment. Thanks to the internet and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram Line, people found a meeting place where they can interact, interact and get to know each other. Currently, social networks interconnect more than 3 billion people around the world. This makes them an essential part of our lives: news, music, clothes, art and even food we will be able to find in the networks. No place is one of the most important spaces for marketing, the development of advertising campaigns and the promotion of goods and products. Regardless if we like them or not, they are immersed in our daily life and so much so that not being in any of them, will mean in the near future a limitation because you cannot relate to your colleagues, friends and family.


Many companies have recognized the potential of marketing within social networks and have tried, some more or less successfully, the integration of their products to social networks. Some sought to position their brand within the networks, those who managed to establish achieved the recognition of users without this implying an increase in buyers or users. Others chose to hire celebrities (singers, actors, professional players, artists) to promote themselves and make a name thanks to the prestige of celebrities.

Despite the massive diffusion, the use of the image of the celebrity is not motivation for the purchase of the goods or services of the companies in the long term. Besides this type of advertising is restricted by the high cost associated with it, it is a marketing strategy that few companies would be able to pay. The high costs or long time lapses of the campaigns make a vision necessary. At a time when information technology requires efficient use of resources and immediacy is the main characteristic, this type of advertising becomes inefficient because it does not conform to the dynamics of social networks or meet the objectives for which it was designed.

You might think first hand that a celebrity is an influencer because of the large number of followers he has. However depending on the service or a product that is being advertised this is not so, for example, imagining a recognized pop artist promoting professional kitchen utensils.


This is where the Influencers come in, but the first thing we need to know is what is an influencer? He is a person with a strong presence in social networks, who is able to establish a real connection with his followers in such a way that it can influence their tastes and interests. Patron puts its attention on these individuals; they considerably increase the impact of the campaign as users feel fully identified with their influencer.


Another reason why influencers are one of the most important segments in social networks for advertisers is that it allows them to approach more specific niches increasing the likelihood of success considerably. Also the use of influencers allows approaching different niches with only the adequacy of the content without this implying a totally different campaign. The niche will not be a limitation again for an advertising campaign. The Patron team is aware of all these potentialities and decides to take advantage of them.

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Patron is a platform where Sponsors, Influencers and users can interact. This platform integrates the main concepts of social networks: information technology, immediacy and a large volume of interactions with blockchain technology. In this platform, the Sponsors will be able to classify the influencers according to the niches that they approach to know which contract is the most suitable according to their requirements.

Additionally, the blockchain technology will allow, thanks to intelligent contracts, influencers and advertisers to establish the terms and conditions for the services provided without the need for an intermediary that makes negotiation with high commissions for their services more expensive. Users are not left out in this equation; the economy of the platform is designed so that users receive rewards from influencers for their loyalty and for sharing the content. This will make the users look animated and interact much more with the hung contents.

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Patron wishes to enhance the influencers’ capacity for this reason, it is intended that the Patronsmartphone application allows to share content in real time or transmit live videos simultaneously on ten or more different platforms. This feature seeks that the platform ensures a greater effective margin by increasing the number of visits and the audience.

The advertising market in networks is determined by the ability of influencers to help companies to advertise their products in exchange for compensation. Patron eliminates intermediaries and tokenizes offsets to eliminate the need for an agent. The entry into the platform will eliminate the arduous task of getting clients to the influential; the two parties will be connected within the platform.


Pattern is becoming more necessary every day because it interconnects the influencers around the world with their potential customers. This is done at the same time that it creates an economy where the influencers are classified according to the gender and field where they are most effective for each SNS. In this platform, influencers can also communicate, being able to exchange ideas, innovations, and even work in groups. Undoubtedly “Patron is more than a marketing platform”, since one of the fundamental tasks of this ecosystem is to attract new talents worldwide and monitor those that make life within it.

But this is only one side of the coin, and once all this talent is gathered in the same ecosystem, clear criteria must be created for the compensation of each one of the influencers in a fair way for all. Patron in this sense to determine the value of each influencer evaluates three aspects:

  • “Dissemination capacity / accessibility (number)”
  • “Power to participate / Commitment”
  • “Trust / evaluation by the users”

The diffusion capacity refers to the number of users to which the advertising content can reach. The Commitment is understood as the number of users who actually see the content and interact with it. Finally, confidence refers to the ability of the influencer to approve the evaluation of users and then to specify or test the goods offered services: the number of users willing to buy after viewing the advertising.

These are the three main methods of evaluation. Patron participates in the evaluation of the members of the same, so it will be taken into account that the opinion of the contractor and the influencer. These opinions will guarantee that the evaluation is always adjusted to the reality, raising the quality of the ecosystem.

The ICOs are one of the most popular forms of financing within the cryptographic world; this maintains the decentralized nature of the projects since they do not resort to the financing or partial sale of their assets by a central entity such as banks or private companies. The initial offer of Patron took place in March, with which it sought to obtain the necessary resources to invest in the development of the DAPP and Mobile applications. In addition to covering expenses, the acquisition of resources, marketing and advertising in traditional media.


Patron creates the PAT’s own currency, as the tool to make payments or compensations within the platform. Initially, this coin comes to light as a Token ERC20; Patron uses Ethereum technology to make intelligent contracts available to users. This action eliminates intermediation commissions at the root and will allow a fairer and more transparent compensation regardless of whether the influencer and the advertiser are separated thousands of miles away.

The blockchain technology gives security to the parties that their agreement will be respected.

Patron achieved great success. This is because they manage to list in some of the most important exchanges worldwide, thus achieving greater publicity and a higher level of acceptance throughout the cryptographic community.

Patron does an arduous job so that the companies obtain a service of the best quality. For this, it takes into account the statistics of the communities in the social networks; this will be the fundamental tool to stratify the audience targets. Determining your preferences and the most suitable activities to address each niche. Patron interconnects influencers around the world and their stratification work ensures that promotional campaigns have the right influence. This makes advertising more efficient and generates users with commitment and verified shopping margins. This without place Patron in the forefront of commercial marketing as it responds to the specific needs of each client taking into account their geographic location and niche.

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Many influencers only manage to generate profits after having accumulated a large number of followers. However, during the time invested to reach this point its content can be of the highest quality and have a considerable group of committed followers. Patron knows this and that is why it proposes an ecosystem with a business scheme where everyone wins. The companies will obtain an influencer with the best characteristics to carry out their advertising, with fair prices and very quickly.

The influencers will be able to capitalize their efforts without the need to have huge numbers of followers. Both eliminate the cumbersome search process, companies in the same place will have at their disposal hundreds of influencers evaluated and classified and the influencers will have a site that eliminates the need for agents to get hiring. The company can be sure that the demographic group of the influencer will be the most suitable for your campaign. Patron is in search of new and old talents, and invites all the influence of different social networks regardless of the theme of their preference, here all are important. Many of the interested ones could ask: Could I join this community despite not having so many followers? To join a Patron is not indispensable a large number of followers if you have a large number of committed followers and a high credibility this platform is ideal for you.


A well-known pharmaceutical industry has for several years developed a new vitamin complex ideal for women in pregnancy and for women with serious problems with osteoporosis. After overcoming all the tests and meeting the highest quality standards, the company decides to take its product to market. The advertising and marketing department proposes a traditional campaign and adheres to the process carried out with several products repeated several times. Free samples are issued for doctors and pharmacies, a couple of commercials are televised weekly and an expert from the company goes to several congresses and several television programs to promote the new product.

At the end of the quarter, the numbers in sales are not as expected and their penetration into the target niche has been almost zero. This motivates a review of the marketing strategy and the advertising campaign. One of the young executives proposes to integrate the use of social networks into the campaign. His proposal was accepted with suspicion but after trying it for a couple of weeks he was asked to make a proposal for a campaign on social networks.

During the research process to formulate the campaign, you run into the Patron platform. Start looking and find the solution to your problems. Find influencers who can approach pregnant women, women with osteoporosis and one who can speak to the medical community about the advantages and potential of the product with all the technical specifications. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the parameters of the advertising campaign can be contracted and clearly established.

The sales executive focuses his proposal on the Patron platform. After the end of the trial period, it was possible to verify that the new advertising strategy approached each of the niches effectively individually. Sales increased and the product became widely known through social networks.

Patron has its own easy-to-use wallet where you can receive your PAT, the platform is available in several languages and you can register for free. Here you can enter the website to register. It also has a rewards program for referrals, where a link is generated so you can recommend your friends and followers to join this great community.


Get a token of 20% of the purchase amount when purchased from introduction code.


Patron solves the main problems of people who advertise on social networks (influencers) and companies that need their product to be publicized by the best option on the market. Thanks to the platform and its technology of intelligent contracts, the influencers and the companies will be able to clearly establish the working conditions and the payment of the work will be totally guaranteed. The blockchain gives security between the parties and brings the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Another feature of the platform is that it establishes the criteria to classify the influencers, this will allow companies to know which meets their requirements and also allow estimating the compensation of each of the influencers, taking into account the evaluation performed by the employer, the time of the campaign and the total or partial exclusivity during the execution of the campaign. With Patron, commissions are things of the past.

These characteristics to Patron the meeting point par excellence for influencers and publicists worldwide.