A vintage microphone
A vintage microphone
Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

As designers, we always collaborate with researchers. We all know how important it is to deeply understand the problems we are solving and to uncover insights that will drive innovation with the products we are building.

For a few months, I’ve started working on a research framework template to have everything I need in one place when I begin a new project. It helped me to quickly establish an effective process, and collaborate with researchers at full potential.

The homepage

This is the core of your research project. On the left, you set it up by collecting the necessary information in the…

How to manage crisis periods and look after your team’s well-being.

Sunset on a river between mountains
Sunset on a river between mountains
Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

I remember how excited I was to take this new challenge 6 months ago, they gave me one person to coach and formally manage. My journey to being a Design Manager had officially started. After 3 months, my manager came to me and said: “you’re now going to manage a team of 3. I want to stretch you, man!”. I was so excited because that meant I had done a good job and the leadership team was interested to see how I’d unlock the potentials of 3 people to have a bigger positive impact on the lives of our users.

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Day 11

Do you know the floating shapes in your eyes? The ones that you see when you focus on something like the sky and you follow them but they run away. You see them only when you are focusing on them, otherwise, you don’t really notice them, although they are always there. Also, do you know when you squeeze your eyes to laser focus on something, concentrating a lot of energy on your target? What happens is that the brain focuses a lot on that spot that becomes sharp and full of details, details you couldn’t notice before. This…

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Day 7.

The one thing I noticed, the bigger thing, is the breaking of the routine. Often, breaking routines is what makes you grow. You change your perspective of the world and you shuffle all the elements that create your own representation of reality. In the end, a new reality unveils in front of your eyes.

Your routine is gone, you didn’t choose to break it, but it’s gone, now you are building your new one. You discover you can put in place healthier habits, you discover you know yourself pretty well after all, and you start to accept all…

During these crazy days, it’s really easy to lose the mind. There’s just so much uncertainty that I don’t know what to expect from tomorrow, I’ve had a constant mixture of feelings like fear, anxiety, and stress.

After my third quarantined work from home day, I felt the need to sit and write to offload my mind. It will help me to go through this period, and I thought about sharing my thoughts publicly because maybe someone can relate and we will all feel more connected, despite being alone in our rooms. I’ll try to write something short (or long…

Leonardo Mattei

Product Designer and Jazz addict based in London. Find me @matteileo

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