Leon Atkinson / January 2017

Design Landscape Melbourne 2017 — Q1

2016 Wrap Up

As the year came to a close we saw the increased interest in Design thinking and Design research. Companies are demanding keener insights into ever-changing marketplaces. Teams are exploring unseen opportunities, creating new interventions for better customer mapping across the Customer Experiences.

Engagements during Oct-December 2016;

• 2 x UX — Consultant (Qual focused)

• 2 x Customer Experience Designers

• 1 x Strategic Customer Experience Designer

• 1 x Human Centred Designer

There’s a need for Ethnographic Researchers or professionals who are able to apply their skills in both Qualitative and Quantitative (emic/etic) insights to help understand trends and how audiences will grow in 2017. Candidates who are able to apply economic analysis as well as psychological insights into human behaviour will again offer design strategies that solve problems, helping cross-functional departments make positive decisions for their customers. Design Research in 2017 will see capability building for better products and online experiences.

Candidates insights

From the many candidates I’ve met, including UX Designers, Experience Designers, Service Designers, UX Researchers (Behavioural, Psychological, Ethnographic, Anthropologists) Human Centred-Designers, Customer Experience Designers and Digital Strategists, in my opinion, posses one of two mindsets: Designers and Design Thinkers. These candidates want collaborative environments were culture enhances creativity and seeds innovation. Candidates want to be inspired, which gives life to the sharing themes and ideas.

Senior Lead roles — Candidates with 10 years professional experience including at least say 5 years within in a Design type role are struggling to find roles relative to their experience.

Feedback also suggests that some professionals feel that they are carrying some members of staff within Design Teams.

Lead by Learning — Candidates want to “Lead by Learning” — it’s a key insight that any organisation looking to attract talent needs to offer.

Fast & Flat — Fast-paced environments with flat structures are not only key to ideation and creation but will also boost staff morale and staff retention.

Predictions for 2017 -

We also saw the increase in Excellence Centres/Design Labs and Innovation Labs, which have the full backing of CEOs and stakeholders within enterprise organisations. Organisations are opening their doors to ideation which is great for the design world and future problem solvers. Design sprint teams will need the methodologies that leading design consultancies like IDEO apply to real problem-solving. We predict the wish list for heads of departments and Practices Managers will be Design Thinkers. Candidates with Discovery Experience, Information Architecture Experience and Customer Experience will be at the forefront of these Labs. Professionals able to draw upon logic, imagination and systemic reasoning to “what could be” will be in high demand. Also, we will see subject matter specialist roles within Labs pop up in the Melbourne market. Likely sole Facilitation roles too, which will help with product/organisational change management and inner department education.

Skills in high demand for 2017

• CX

• Qualitative and Quantitative (Moderation)

• Facilitation skills

• Theoretical/Practice Design Thinking experience

• Ideation/Discovery/Investigative nature

• Service Strategy/Insights Strategy

• Learn Start-up experience

• Communications strategy

So if you’re looking for particular skill sets or experience, or whether you have problems finding talent through your current channels, please get in touch to discuss your current or future needs.

I very much look forward to an opportunity of working collaboratively with you and your wider teams?

I wish you the very best of success for 2017, Next market update will be in March. Let me know if you would like to receive the next update or if you would like me to cover any particular subjects.

Kind regards

Leon Atkinson

Recruitment Consultant/ph: 03 8641 6806 | mob: 0475 705 296


*special thanks to Colleagues, Candidates and Clients for their support. Also check out an article from Bryan Hoedemaeckers from DD.