Why do you think the way you think? Why do you do, what you do? Why do I, do what I do?

Apologies for the delay in writing this article, I guess I wanted to offer something with purpose and meaning. “We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.” When I’m recruiting for a role what do I look for? What questions do I ask? What do I want to understand and why?

For me, as many of you may know I started off as a graphic designer, I was inspired by creating ideas, themes and new experiences. I loved researching and exploring words, feelings and emotions. With technology and its tool’s like LinkedIn sometimes you have to take a step back and think of the why? Why do I look for certain things? Why do I want to work with your company?

The Why?

Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect,” Sinek teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people. I’m intrigued by Humans, that’s why I love recruiting. I love to inspire people, I see it as a gift. Human behaviours and why people do what they do is such a big area to explore. UX creates the deep rooted bridge between how people connect to companies, services and products. My job is no different as a recruiter I create a bridge between how people connect to jobs, roles and companies. What makes them tick? What inspires them? What do they believe to be meaningful? Who influences them? Like Simon, I am the enthusiastic optimist. When interviewing candidates I want to know the following;

  • Why do you design?
  • Why do you think the why you think?
  • Why do you behave the way you do?
  • Why do have you the values you do?
  • Why are you passionate about UI/UX/CX or Research?

When talking to clients I want to know the following and so should you?

  • What is the company trying to solve and why?
  • How well is UX, Design Thinking (other Buzz-words here….) valued in the business. What is the need and why?
  • What are your processes, how does the business think and act?
  • What is the voice of the team? What is the structure?
These questions allow me to understand the wants of the practitioner’s soul and if there is a true desire to invest in people’s thinking rather than processes. Many practitioners I assist say “Leon, this is you applying Design Thinking”.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a useful and creative way of conceptualising challenges and how to solve them. Using interactive methods, it puts customers at the heart of products, services and innovation. It goes back to my fascination with humans, I want practitioners to create experiences and inspire. I still think and act like a designer but my role is about matching candidate and clients. These experiences, behaviours and perceptions allow for me to connect the mind of the practitioner to the right jobs, environments, companies and vice versa.

Why do we have to show our working outs in maths? I remember always be told this at school in the U.K. Ps, stay with me on this one. If you don’t, then your work doesn’t really show that you understand how to get to the answer. There’s no actual proof that you know how to get the right answer. So with candidates, I love to explore Why one solution was been chosen over the other. Why you applied these design fundamentals over the other? It shows a habit of working things out, problem-solving skills, it shows your methods of how you approached the problem.

Our legacy

In the Age of Digital and the Internet of Things, change is even faster than technology, how will people interact with products, services and companies? Being able to solve physical limitations today’s practitioners will need to able to show a deep understanding of empathy, problem-solving skills and the fundamentals of human behaviour. Hiring managers need practitioners with passion who solve these beautiful problems through research, design and evaluation.

It’s the reason you do what you do!

Tips for candidates;

  • Describe what inspire you! What makes you tick and why!
  • Have a portfolio that illustrates your mindset — shows your working out!
  • Cover what you have learnt directly from the people you have designed for!
  • What makes you get out of bed? Why do you do, what you do?

Tips for Clients or Hiring Managers

  • What interactions are most important?
  • What fragmented experiences does the business have?
  • What interaction models around user behaviour are you exploring?
  • Start with conversational interviews, have a conversation!

Remember as a practitioner you have naturally already identified what matters to you. Based on your values? How would you like to touch the lives of others and the mark you want to leave?

In art, most artist’s sign their work simply because that’s what artists do. So remember your role is; To create and do something meaningful. Learn, grow and take this opportunity to make a difference produce your signature. Make clients aware of what legacy you what to leave.

I love seeing clients and candidates achieve success. Reading the articles and books clients and candidates share with me reinforces my passion for why I do what I do!

I am here to make a difference. With search engines and even LinkedIn, it’s easy to forget we are dealing with people. Even with these tool’s does it make you a professional recruiter or should you be focusing like I am on what I am passionate about. This is why I do what I do!

It’s a huge amount of patience, skill, and experience. It’s about listening, supporting, encouraging and analysing!

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Leon Atkinson / Ecareer

Digital — Front-end/UI/UX/CX