Deadly Errors Should Have Consequences

Putting one’s faith in medical professionals to perform tasks correctly is based on the belief that their training and years of experience has prepared them to handle the job. The problem is that patients continue to be harmed by those professionals’ failure to diagnose medical conditions that have the potential to lead to tragedy.

A Deadly Toll

Determining the basis of that mistake can be difficult without conducting the proper amount of research into what took place. Regardless of the final outcome, the negative ramifications can be fatal to a patient or lead to a quality of life that’s been severely compromised by the error in question.

The reason these types of errors can be so egregious is that those diagnosed with cases of cancer, such as throat or bladder, have a much higher chance of recovery with early detection. By the time any mistake of this nature is discovered, it’s too late and dooms the victim to terminal care.

Lack of Attention

Other medical professionals are often well aware of a patient’s medical history, yet still neglect or choose not to assess those individuals for possible complications from procedures that may be vital for their overall well-being.

For example, most patients experience a certain level of stress when it comes to the prospect of even minor surgery. When the stakes are raised, that bar is raised and can be dangerous when it involves individuals with heart conditions.

Another condition like kidney failure offers clear symptoms that need to be detected as soon as possible to avoid life-threatening situations. Procedures that can save those same patients following a mistaken diagnosis, like dialysis, can be both time-consuming and costly.

Battling for Clients’ Rights

Cohen & Malad fights passionately for its clients, because they know that the economic impact of such errors can be devastating to a family and cause needless pain and suffering for the victim. With decades of experience, Cohen & Malad makes every effort to hold guilty parties accountable, so contact them today for a free consultation.