Legalizing the Status of Immigrants Who Arrived in the USA as Children

One of the “hot” topics attracting a lot of attention in the field of immigration law currently relates to efforts to legalize the status of people who arrived in the United States as minors. The issue has inspired a national debate.

Important Regulations

Today, tens of thousands (and possibly hundreds of thousands) of people residing in the USA first crossed the borders as children, many under the direction of their parents. Provision discussed in some detail at: deferred action for childhood arrivals DACA, impacts the legal status of these individuals.

The Importance of Taking Timely Action

Sometimes people who do not practice law fail to appreciate the importance of deadlines established by federal statutes or regulatory measures. For example, several years ago when the United States passed amnesty legislation enabling hundreds of thousands of people who had entered the nation without legal permission to adjust their status and embark upon a path towards citizenship, the law set firm dates for compliance. Surprisingly, numerous people who might have benefited from the amnesty failed to take action. They either did not hear about the legislation, or they did not realize it would apply for only a limited period of time.

People who hope to legalize their status after arriving in the United States as youngsters need to act in a timely way to benefit. The measure applies to people first entering the USA under the age of 16 before June, 2007. Acting promptly on this issue may offer significant advantages. Learn more about deferred action for childhood arrivals DACA as soon as possible!

Obtaining Legal Status

Taking action to establish a legal presence in the United States offers benefits. In some cases, the provision will enable immigrants to seek citizenship. Citizens enjoy many rights, including the right to vote in national elections. Additionally, legal residents gain benefits currently unavailable to illegal immigrants.

To learn more about these issues, you may want to schedule a consultation with a qualified attorney. Speak with someone practicing in the complex field of immigration law.

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