The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read
Savannah L. Barker

Thanks for saying many things I’ve been thinking. I’ve been telling people around me that Hilary may be the woman who has received the most “relentless personal and political attacks” in our modern US history. She’s definitely a survivor. And for that and several other reasons, I think she’s the most capable person amongst the candidates to try to manage this country’s diversity and try to get us working together again. Unfortunately, we work best together when we are at war against a foreign power — how sad and pathetic of us.

I voted for her but I’m a white male boomer and I remember the excitement of Clinton winning the election and having new ideas and ideals brought to the oval office. And I remember Hilary standing out amongst other First Ladies as being smart, relevant and active. (Well, a lot of people disliked Eleanor too for being active politically.)

I feel that politics in the last two decades has left me with a lot of ridiculous or nasty BS shoved down my throat and I react against the lies and exaggerations about Hilary, liberals, climate change, the economy, the citizenship of the black man in the oval office, etc. etc.

Maybe as a boomer I’ve got a different perspective about Hilary Clinton. I value the hard work she has consistently put in (just like Bernie). I forgive her mistakes and try to forgive mine. I’m more cynical and practical now than I was when I was in my twenties. I’m less concerned about getting my fav and more concerned about surviving a tyrant.

I don’t understand Sanders supporters who vow to throw their power away and not vote for Hilary, if she does become the nominee. Don’t we know by now that its about staying in the fight beyond the elections? Don’t we understand that by walking away we give others the power to ignore our needs and beliefs?

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