The Kimmel Agreement: Trump and Sanders to Debate

In Response to Charles Clymer’s The Pettiness of the Angry White Male.

This angry white male boomer is so giggly right now. I didn’t know about the Kimmel Agreement, how absurdly and beautifully bizarre. Thank you, white sir, for educating me (and for your service to our country.) I am, like, so happy right now about my mail-in vote for Hillary, uh Senator/Secretary of State Clinton. If the debate does happen, I hope Bernie takes the opportunity to publicly throw his support for Hilary, take Trump on, and solidify the Democratic Party.

I am an American. Because I’m white, I don’t think that anyone will challenge my birth certificate. One ancestor on my paternal grandfather’s side was a Union Civil War Hero and later a mayor near Pittsburgh; my ancestors on my paternal grandmother’s side were Confederates from South Carolina. The two branches of ancestors on my maternal side were poor (on one branch) and privileged immigrants from a European country. I’m a mutt; I’m an American.

I married a Jew so my kids are Jewish by tradition. As a youngster, I took a stance against the British occupation in Ireland. Being told by my father that we were Irish, I sided with the Catholics, but then learned we may harken from the Isle of Man so we might actually have stronger familiar ties to the Protestants. Genetically, I am predominantly Northern and Western European — I have less than one percent African genes, and virtually no Asian and Middle Eastern genes. However, I will not shy away from announcing my 2.8% Neanderthal genes which make me nervous. I am American and my heritage is diverse, though not so much racially.

The women in my family, both of my grandmothers, have always been strong. My grandma from the North was the matriarch who glued the family together, a force, but also a racist. My grandmother from the South would challenge strangers and acquaintances alike who muttered racist thoughts with a stern reproach that only a Southern matron can. I have described my mother and both of my grandmothers as “kick ass” for their various heroics that they all have done for our family. They were all different, they all had weaknesses, but overall they deserve the hearty honor of being “kick ass”.

I am also an American father. My daughter and my son’s girlfriend both deserve the honor of “kick ass” too, in their own unique ways. So does my brother’s wife, who’s the kindest, sweetest “kick ass” you’ll ever meet — along with my wife.

So what does this have to do with the Kimmel Agreement? Only that it’s time. It’s time for a woman president. The U.S. is diverse and imperfect and contradictory like my family. Just like all the candidates. All of us Americans are unique individuals and each of the candidates are too. And when I weigh all the experience, history, success, failures, mistakes, ideologies, positions, temperaments, allies, and directions of these imperfect individuals, and the polarities within our diverse country, I choose Hilary Clinton. I know many will disagree, but, overall, I think the candidate who happens to be the woman, is the sanest choice that we have made for ourselves as a country. And I suspect she is not “the worst of all evils”, but will be a good choice. Time and all our abilities as Americans to compromise will tell.

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