Using ‘no’ to accelerate innovation

When’s the last time you didn’t take no for an answer?

When MINI Designers pitched their idea for their iconic Union Jack Taillight, they were told it was illegal. Taillights must be symmetrical, but the Union Jack is asymmetrical.

Instead of NO being the answer, they didn’t give up. They used innovative & creative thinking to create the required symmetry needed, while still keeping the Union Jack asymmetrical.

Innovation is hard work and it requires those of us who can see a better future to also have the tenacity and grit to keep pushing for it.

When we’re thinking differently about things, we will always meet resistance. Change is hard, people are uncomfortable with new things.

Instead of letting no being your defining moment, see it as encouragement telling you that your idea might just be bold enough to act on… AND, it just might be an indicator you’re on the right path!

When’s the last time you were told no and what did you do about it?

Innovatively yours,


P.S. To hear the MINI Designers and how they were able to figure out how to implement their iconic Union Jack design, watch this short video:

About Leo
With 20+ years of experience in innovation and creativity, Leo has inspired innovators across the globe. Leo is a sought-after trainer, speaker and consultant for all things innovation. He’s the founder of Abound Innovation Inc. He’s presented at many well-known conferences and workshops like Front End of Innovation, Creative Problem Solving Institute, STORY, CreativeMornings FieldTrips and IAF Global.



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Leo Chan - Abound Innovation Inc.

Leo Chan - Abound Innovation Inc.

I help build innovation capabilities in organizations. Trainer, speaker, consultant on all things innovation & LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.