Note: This story started as a comment to the article Tim Curtis

Interesting that in recent years, in the field down here in Bolivia, i’ve also chosen “changemaker” as the best shorthand, all encompassing term… and though i have not paused to write specifically on this theme yet, the choice to use CHANGEMAKER as an all encompassing terms for all kinds of agents active in transformation towards wellbeing stems very much from the same reasoning followed by Father Curtis — we need a centerpoint, a catch-all concept, a homeostatic strange attractor of a term, to contain the multiplicty of fields, sectors, and agendas (and the “isms” they give rise to).

In simpler english: I agree with Father Curtis that no matter how urgent and vast the challenges we face today are, business and “enterprise”, even “social” enterprise, social “entrepreneurship”, or even social “innovation” cannot override the vast, rich, and multidimensional complexity of life.

To pretend that we can “socially enterprise” solutions to many of our most pressing problems is, beyond foolish, downright dangerous. To perform at its best, business and enteprise can and must play with religion and enterprise, society and culture, nature and the environment, government and the social contract, and so on. No one sector can dominate or prevail.

Neither free enteprise and market-driven solutions as silver bullets nor centralized, state-driven silver bullets, neither Marx nor Smith, capitalism/liberalism nor socialism/communism… or even a purportedly middle ground “communitarianism.”

Rather, like nature and life itself, a hyper-dynamic, vital, living, ever changing organic and evolutionary interaction of all sectors, all players, all beings — and all ideologies/isms, kind of like jazz and salsa, but on steroids…

Though the field is quite dynamic and confusing still, as is this article, perhaps reflecting the field, it is a stream/process in the right direction and a reflection of my own struggles and journey through the semantics of defining my role, calling, passion, and multi-dimensional approach to serving as a prism through which to co-create solutions to our most pressing individual and collective challenges as a species.

11 March, 2016
Las Brisas, Cochabamba