The Org Chart Is Dead
Aaron Dignan

Cool, timely, visionary… and one issue i´ve been brainstorming on for well over 20 years now, from the mid 1990´s when i was helping “reinvent” local governments across Bolivia, quite literally, and was inspired by “Reinventing Government”, a book inspired by Peters´ “In Search of Excellence.”

Back then i tried making diagrams that looked more like living organisms, using early versions of visio and powerpoint…

Related thought: In the same way that a two-dimensional digital document is an order of magnitude away from paper based 2D, interactive, animated, socially networked, and web-based displays and everything running around underneath them are an even greater order of magnitude away from what we still see on most websites today…

A new revolution is beginning, an entirely new way of imagining, organizing, presenting, and channelling the energy we call information is emerging, and the idea you propose Aaron is, i agree, one whose time has come.

Can´t offer to invest funds but if you’re open, i would be delighted to invest the results of years of R&D dedicated to rethinking ideas such as this one.