… yay! … haven’t ready your article yet but saw the title and the pic…. Home… :) Cool…
Leon Galindo Stenutz

Ok… read it now… Thanks for sharing Jessica, very insightful to receive the mirror experience through female eyes and sensitivites.

Had a very similar experience with the brothers, Phap Lai, Phap Jung, and several others… Was in Plum last July with my Parisian/Moroccan girlfriend (now ex), working through some really deep stuff.

Received profound advice along the same lines but perhaps with a bit of a twist from the male perspective (learn to look deeply, to recognize and nurture your anger and other difficult emotions, to separate the person from the habit energy, and so on…).

Would be false to say i have “learned” all those lessons (all that stuff from your other article about “changing yourself”)… but after years of following Thay and finally making it to Plum and than Blue Cliff, am all the more committed to the Plum Village Tradition and the principles underpinning the Order of InterBeing… and am planning my next retreat this summer out at Deer Park.

Very nice to meet my first Plum Villager on Medium :) 
Happiness is here and now, at least for now… :)

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