NEW Universal SHO Participation Guidelines

Leonid M.
4 min readNov 1, 2021

Sleeker, safer, more transparent

During the last months we slimmed down the DAO Pad to concentrate on our most successful product — the Strong Holder Offering — allowing $DAO Holders to win multiple 100$-500$ allocations for presented projects at Venture Capital round valuations; i.e. very affordable prices for your tokens.

There are no guaranteed allocations, however with added DAO, the winning chances increase non-linearly.

Winning chances are determined by DAO Power, which equals 1:1 for $DAO held and 1,5x for holders of $DAO-USDC LP.

The required $DAO tokens must be staked in the Venture Yield Contract.

$DAO-USDC LP tokens must be held on the Non-Custodial Wallet connected to the DAO Pad.

Users of the same Tranche have the same winning chance.

The new Transparent Lottery features the Multi-Allocation System, Priority System and Venture Yields for all Holders of min. 2,000 $DAO. Read more about these features here.

Get started now! The SHO goes on.

You've got two options:

1. Buy $DAO — deposit on your wallet — stake it through the Venture Yield contract for a time of your choosing.

2. Use Uniswap v2 to get $DAO-USDC LP tokens and hold on your wallet for 1,5x DAO Power in 15 days.

Buy $DAO (min 2,000)

■Hold them on your ERC-20 Non-Custodial Wallet

We strongly suggest Metamask or TrustWallet for optimal DAO Pad experience

Register account and Log in

■ Complete the KYC process

Be sure to check which documents you can use for your country — here.

■ Connect wallet

Consider using Google Chrome in connection with Metamask wallet, as our data shows optimal compatibility with the DAO Pad. Use your Metamask browser extension to connect to the platform.

■ Participate

After staking enough $DAO or holding LP tokens on your non-custodial wallet you will generate DAO Power when registering for a SHO on the DAO Pad.

Our entry ticket is limitless — participate in every SHO and upgrade through the tranches to have the maximum winning chance!
If your $DAO Power is mighty and luck is on your side you will see the SHO Winner Screen!

After you win a SHO, your allocation ticket(s) must be funded within 12 hours of Winner's Announcement which happens over the Official TG Announcement Channel. Please use the Binance Smart Chain network to fund your allocation(s) in BUSD.

Please be aware:

Allocations not funded within 12h after Winners' announcement will be distributed to all Venture Yield participants.

Going forward, users are required to stay in the same tranche they used to win in order to receive their vested tokens.

Users that forfeit their remaining vestings by selling DAO below their winning tranche's threshold, will lose their tokens. These tokens will also be distributed through the Venture Yields program to the remaining Strong Holders.

When staking through Venture Yield, please plan the amount and time staked carefully. Unstaking early or significantly late will cause a fee on your staked DAO or rewards. Learn more about the unstaking fees here.


Please refer to and the Research Page of your lucky project for the vesting schedule of your prize tokens in order to plan your investments accordingly.

Follow our Channels and the Pinned Messages for the most important updates and stay tuned for a brand-new DAO Pad SHO Experience!

The DAO Maker Team