Boring Cloud

Most speakers about Cloud are visionaries from vendors or consulting companies. Sometimes real customers are invited to share their experience but their speeches are much less exciting and even boring, so at next events we see again somebody from ‘Cloud Evangelism Department’. As the result, it is impossible to read and speak about Cloud without mandatory words such as ‘trend of the future’, ‘strategic turn’, ‘digital transformation’, etc.

After my long carrier in Microsoft (where I sold boring and old-fashion licenses), I got a thrilling job — running Cloud division of a big regional IT-reseller. I became a cool guy and was ready to start talking about ‘setting of trends’ at big conferences and write articles with pictures and charts. However, the new employer did not want me to give presentations, but was interested mostly in money my team brought last month, so I had to work more than to speak.

My ‘Inside Cloud’ experience from the beginning started as a quite routine and prosaic. On the other hand, I really started working immediately with so many customers who were really moving their infrastructure to Cloud, and I feel now that I understand them at least a little. Moreover, customers’ motivation was terribly wrong (not according to presentations of ‘Cloud experts’). Do you know how many times I heard from a customer, who moved IT-systems to Cloud, words “digital transformation”? … “Never”.

Oh, another lovely topic is ‘Hybrid cloud’ — I have not met a customer who said this. Actually, it is not true — I heard that phrase many times from ‘potential’ customers, who never migrate to Cloud, but had theoretical interest in the topic. About ‘Internet of Things’ I definitely will write a separate text, it worth it.

Therefore, I decided to share my own notes and help somebody to see this Cloud reality through my eyes as an insider without any myths that all Cloud providers are scammers, that Cloud allows always to save money, that data in Cloud are automatically leek to Facebook or that Cloud companies have a different DNA.

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