Being unique Artist :

Is anybody has the form, structure or any characteristics for thinking or imagination?? I seen lot of ways which explaining about how to be an great artist in several education platforms. Is anyone give any tips or ways to follow for your thinking and imagination?? No, no one can give any ways to follow human imagination and thinking. Then, how can someone give ways to become an artist?? That too how can someone explains structure and ideas to be a great artist??

Art is nothing but a imagination or thoughts. Imagination and thinking doesn’t has any ordered structure or ways or ideas, So then art. Creative things are said to be an art. Mind, thoughts, and imagination doesn’t follow others. If it follow others it just copying that or follows that. Creative things doesn’t follow or look for any ways. It just orgins from our imagination. Everyone has different imagination and thoughts so does every arts. And it’s worse to compare arts and justify it with others. Because everyone has own imagination and different path of imagination and thoughts. How can we say someone to follow someother imagination (art). Anything which creates by their imagination and thoughts are so called arts. Anything, anything it can be. Nowadays people compares and started to give ratings and giving marks to it. No one has good imagination and thoughts all the time. It goes up and down. If its business or a project then you can rate it. But how can its possible to rate anyone imagination or thoughts. How can someone compare someone imagination with another imagination and summarize it. Anyone feelings, imagination or thoughts can be easily we review it or justify it. Arts are not creates to attract someone, its just their imagination and thinking. Artists projects it only for expose their imagination and thinking. And also sometimes to entertain people they projects it. But nowadays people asks artist to do according to audience trends, nothing wrong with that. But its not good to criticize some Artists those who only follows their way. Some Artists don’t like to change their imagination and thinking. With their imagination and thinking they creates theirs. If you know about them, Leave it as their way. Because we can’t able to ask someone to change their imagination about something, its foolish to ask someone to change from their way of imagination and thinking. Creative things are not created for to impress others. They try to present their imagination in some form like a couples try to give a birth to baby. Only couples can give a birth to baby. But shape and gender and structure and beauty and Color of a baby cannot be given by them. Just like art. Every artist try to present it by putting their full effort, just like baby it borns. Sometimes it will be Masterpiece, sometimes it will be worse. No one can give same level of art. So it’s not good to review it.

Artists are not someone who makes films and something creative. Those who have mind, imagination and thoughts all are artists. Yes, you and me and everyone are artists. So first we have to understand our imagination and thoughts before we try to understand others.

“Artists who focus only on their imagination will never change their way. And Artists who tries to impress others changes according to audience, and artists who wants to survive, changes according to trend.”

Imagination and thinking and creations and creative things are to be enjoyed when we doing it. So don’t change and stress on yourself.