Self — less ; less — self

If we think world is our home and people are our relatives, there grows humanity and love. We all have our own family and relation. We are very aware to protect them, love them with full heart. Even we ready to sacrifice some of our interests to keep them happy and comfort. Finally, we try our best not to get anger on them. Psychologically we easily don’t get anger on small things and mistakes commits by our loved ones. We are not being so selfish and hard. Seems “Selfless” in our character. We tends to think that if we are rude on them whether they might get hurt.

But, when we come out from that circle, we reacts slight different. We get anger on our co-workers, staffs. We behave rude with others. We don’t think whether it might hurt them or not. We want them to be like what they have to be. Does it seems selfless? We only see our perspectives. For example, if my friend breaks any of my things without his/her knowledge, i don’t get so much of anger. Because he/she is my friend and I have love on them. Love makes us Selfless. But when stranger hits someone’s bike by some mistake, we can see world war on roadsides. Not only that, we can see number of fights when it comes to stranger. Here, we clearly see our selfish nature in our character. When it comes to our relatives, we excuse them but when it comes to strangers, we becomes Undertaker. If we see the world as family and if we accepts all human beings has our friends and if we have love on all people, we don’t have to turn to be WWE player. So every people those who stands inside circle of them tends to be a selfish person. Eventhough, they are good with their family members, their selfish character restricts humanity to grow between people. So be selfless and love everyone with full heart like we love our families. “Humanity alone triumphs”

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