What is t3rn?

What does t3rn offer?

Circuit & Gateways for Blockchain projects

  • Plugin interoperability Circuit allows you to open up your decentralised services to a wider blockchain ecosystem.
  • Execute with confidence as t3rn guarantees successful multi-chain execution.
  • Become accessible to a rich pool of composable smart contracts and assets, including: ETH, DOT, KSM and more.

On-chain contract repository for developers

  • Write your smart contracts in familiar languages like !ink, Solidity, WebAssembly or anything WASM compiled.
  • Use the smart contracts stored in our registry or get paid when developers use your smart contracts.
  • Smart contracts can be uploaded as they are, no rewriting required.

Open execution platform powered by TRN

  • Collect fees and rewards by becoming a collator, validator or relayer.
  • Earn staking rewards by providing liquidity for multi-chain execution on foreign chains.
  • Receive support from a dedicated Contributors fund.



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