Show up. Even when it sucks.

Okay, I know that sounds harsh. To show up even when it sucks to show up.

But it’s something I’ve learned from experience. That, even when the work is dull or tiresome, even when I don’t want to cold call people, even when it is going to be challenging to present (or worse, explain or rationalise) myself and my arguments at a meeting, even when I think the other or others are not friendly towards me — yes, even then, it matters that I show up and do what needs to be done.

It matters to me.

It reminds me that I am the kind of person who shows up, who does that which is hard or even unpleasant when it needs to be done.

It builds my resilience. I know I can do almost anything if I show up. I know I can bounce back.

When I have done hard or difficult or personally challenging things in the past, I have taught my future self something. I have taught future Leonie that she can do it, that awkward interview or laborious explanation or begin that confronting conversation. Or the sucky job that helps me meet other goals.

I know I can do the difficult because I did it in the past.

I sucked it up and showed up.

And sometimes, too, in the end, the showing up has not been as awful as I thought.