Big Challenge is the Big Picture

In 2014, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and its complications, and respiratory diseases — accounted for nearly 50 percent of deaths in Indonesia.

That is what I read from McKinsey’s report on 2016. And those three diseases will cost Indonesia an estimated $2.8 trillion from 2012 to 2030, according to the World Economic Forum. What a number!

Before I started my startup, Reblood, I had assumed that healthy lifestyle is the solution to tackle the future challenge of healthcare. Now, the assumption is quite validated by the above ‘prediction’.

Reblood was started to solve blood donation shortage in Indonesia. It is the mission that we still remember in everything we do. And that very mission is actually a fragment of my big picture, which is bring healthcare for everyone.

A lot of people ask why we choose blood donation, in such wide category like healthcare. It’s simple, because we only knew about blood donation at the time, which is three years ago. I personally always believe that we can bring blood donation into a higher level, from social activity to lifestyle.

Yes, we start from a fragment and then group it with other fragments, until we can see the big picture. So what is the next fragment? Let’s see ☺