How We Made and Launched (Part 2)

(In case you have missed the part 1 of the story, you can find it here)

The launch

Our product page on Product Hunt

We initially planned to launch our product on 8 January 2018 but as we got the MVP+ ready towards mid December 2017 we decided not to wait but to launch as soon as possible, gather feedback and iterate from there.

To make a product discovered among hundreds and thousands, Product Hunt is a great platform where product makers/lovers/watchers/investors are gathered. There is a very detailed article on how to launch a product on the platform that you want to check out:

We went through the checklist to prepare all the launch assets — description, images, maker comment etc. We set up our official twitter account and prepared the first tweets. We did not spend too much time to find influencers and ask for their support but asked our testers to spread the word if they like our product.

Now on the D-Day (18 Dec 2017), timing is important — we started at 8am CET, checked that all worked well on our website, put all prepared content on Product Hunt and did the ‘Hunting’ process. When we made sure all was okay and the product went online, it was about 9.25am CET. Pushing your product on Product Hunt just after 9am CET gives you the first lead as visitors can see it on top of the ‘Today’ list. Then getting the first upvotes is key too, otherwise you drop down the list and lose optimal visibility and organic upvote opportunities. We shared the launch news with our testers, friends and family via Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and were very happy that many of them got back to us with very encouraging words and went on to upvote.

One hour after, we got 50 upvotes and ranked no.2 product of the day. Reviews and comments started to come in and we were thrilled that they were very positive and encouraging. We reply to each comment and question, and ask people to feel free to leave feedback.

Time passed so quickly while we tried to follow what was going on and by 12noon CET we got 100 upvotes and ranked #1 product of the day! Product Hunt congratulated us from their official twitter account for the 100 upvotes while we kept receiving positive messages from people we did not know. The subscription to our newsletter started too. We felt the momentum was gathering and went on tweeting, which was then retweeted by Product Hunt. By 7pm CET, we had gained more upvotes than the #1 product of the previous day and by mid-night we were approaching 900 upvotes. The second day we got 1000+ upvotes and eventually finished #2 product of the week and #4 of the month.

#1 Product of the Day, #2 of the Week and #4 of the Month

Moving on

The launch was a very exciting experience but we knew there was still much to do.

We were monitoring on Google Analytics and Hotjar to get insights on the traffic, audience and their behaviour on our website. We gathered all feedback and enriched our roadmap with very relavant suggestions. We went through resource suggestions for new content. We sent thank you messages to people who encouraged and supported us and who gave us their feedback or suggestions.

We will keep on working on this project — improved search and new-in section being the next priority — and keep you posted by our newsletters (register on And please do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion.

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