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Leonora Marks
7 min readApr 30, 2024
Asian Mail Order Brides

While it is not strictly correct, the term ‘mail order bride’ still seems to apply in most social instances. Thai mail order brides and Chinese mail order brides all fall into the classification and are women who sign themselves up with a marriage agency and offer themselves to a male foreigner who is looking for a partner.

Because of the economic status of many Asian countries, many of the women in those countries are quite willing to offer themselves up as mail order brides.

Because of the attractive physique they generally possess, Asian women are strongly preferred by foreigners. With their natural grace, petite bodies and their femininity, they are greatly favored by Western guys looking for marriage and a permanent partner.

Asian women seem to have a natural ability for charm and they are always attentive to their partners. It’s no wonder that these characteristics along with their physical appearance meet the needs of a foreign groom.

Being polite and their gentle nature is how Western men see Asian women. Responding to others in a gentle manner and with great respect is part of the makeup of an Asian mail order bride. They seem to have the ability to adapt easily to different cultures, and because of their natural friendliness and being hospitable, making new friends and adjusting to different environments can be done quickly.

The institution of marriage in Asian countries is highly regarded as is the commitment they have to family. The average profile presented by an Asian bride is something that fits in very well with what a foreigner is looking for.

Mutual attraction forms a very important part to make a marriage work. For reasons known only to them, Asian women have this affinity for Western men. In their own country, Asian women feel as if they are being treated as secondary citizens.

Western men have learned over the years that their women should be treated as equals and with great respect. By applying this standard to a potential Asian bride, there is an extremely strong chance that the union between the two would be very strong.

Another reason why many Asian women register themselves on dating websites is due to the big economic differences between Asian countries compared to their Western counterparts. By finding a foreign husband the Asian mail order bride is almost guaranteed the stability which she is looking for in a marriage.

Asian Mail Order Brides

Reasons to Date an Asian Woman

What is it about American men wanting to connect, chat, date and marry women from Asia? There are many mail order bride agencies on the Internet and that have thousands of women registered with them, and all of them are looking for foreign husbands. Listed below are some possible reasons:

Simply gorgeous

While not every woman that registers can be given a 10 out of 10 for beauty, many of them have that beautiful Asian look about them. Asian women look for more than just handsome when they are selecting a foreign husband.

Foreign mystique

There is an undoubted sexual appeal and exotic attraction in many Asian women.

They are looking

When a guy goes online on a dating site he can be assured that the women he comes across are looking for a man. Not only are they looking, but they are actively looking, making themselves available, providing profiles and photographs to make themselves attractive. Most of these Asian women are looking for a different life, not wanting to live in their own country any more.

The search for love

No different from other people in other countries, the women on these dating sites are looking for love. If they can find love and the ability to start a family, then they will find happiness.

The ease of the Internet

It’s never been easier to find an Asian mail order bride than it is today. The Internet has provided hundreds of websites on which you can search photographs and profiles until you find the right person for you.

If you are looking for an Asian bride then you should be scouring these websites that list these beautiful women singles from Asia. They are an extremely popular choice for men who are looking for their soulmates from an Asian country.

Filipinas, Chinese mail order brides, Thai mail order brides and the beautiful girls from Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia are all available on these websites looking for a suitable husband.

It’s not a good idea to generalize the nature and characters of Asian women from different nationalities but there are some characteristics that are common to all of them.

  1. they have an obviously great sexual appeal while being physically attractive.
  2. Their politeness and gentle nature enables them to portray the right social etiquette
  3. because of their customs and traditions during their upbringing, this has resulted in a very serious commitment they give to their husbands.
  4. While a new environment and a different culture may challenge them, they are highly adaptable and incorporate everything into their strong family values.

There has been a constant increase in the demand for Asian mail order brides amongst Western men. Conversely, there is a demand by those Asian women for Western husbands as well. These women have registered themselves online with a marriage agency or a dating website in search of the perfect foreign partner.

The understanding of these women is that Western men usually respect their wives and treat them with love and care. Domestic violence is not as prevalent in western countries as it is in Asian countries.

Because of the way Asian women respect family, their culture, their traditions, and their elders, Western guys are very keen to marry them. They have the reputation for being honest, faithful and loving towards their partner. They will always try their hardest to keep the marriage bond strong and long. Age seems to have very little to do with it as some of the men are 20 to 30 years older than their wives.

It’s all about the ease with which Western men can now connect with Asian mail order brides because of online dating sites. There is a lot of truth in the fact that opposites always attract. You take a broadminded Western guy in contrast to a conservative and less worldly wise Asian female, and you could wonder how they ever got together.

But it seems to work, and it works very well. There have been thousands of marriages every year of Western men to Asian brides. In any relationship, some mutual attraction and lots of understanding become very important factors.

How you go about contacting and setting up a meeting with any of the Asian women, such as Chinese mail order bride, or a Thai mail order bride has become quite simple.

All you do is register with an online dating site, create your profile, submit a few good pictures, and provide some interesting personal information. There are so many women registered with these online agencies that you are almost guaranteed to get quite a few responses to your posting. It can get exciting browsing through all the registered, potential Asian mail order brides that are waiting for you to contact them. They are just as liable to contact you first anyway.

Not only in America but all over the west Asian brides are experiencing great popularity and there seems to be a preference for Western men to be tying the knot with an Asian bride rather than a Western female.

Some of those reasons have already been mentioned but men seem to prefer slightly darker skin, attractive and sexy, and they are comparing this to the local ladies, most of whom have white skin and have different attitudes towards relationships and the opposite sex.

It’s true to say that there are a whole host of differences between Western women and Asian women. Sacrificing their own interests for the sake of their family and especially for their husbands is one of those differences while, no doubt, many of them are involved in a meaningful career, they still seem to be able to bear the majority of any household work as well as having a job of their own.

Some people who have witnessed households with an Asian bride present, say that the atmosphere inside the house, due to her presence, is quite different to a Western home. They seem to be able to figure out their husband’s mood and to understand them quite well. They have the uncanny ability to be able to work out what the husband needs before they are even asked.

Western women, usually feminists, like to point their finger at men who travel overseas and marry a woman from another country, particularly from Asia. They like to call the man a loser because he couldn’t get himself a wife in his own country. Either he was too fat, too lazy, too ugly and unable to maintain a relationship with a woman. This type of man, she would say, wants somebody meek, mild, and obedient so that he can control her.

While an Asian bride may appear that way initially, the man will soon find out, if that was his intention to control her, that he couldn’t have got it any more wrong. Asian women have a steely resolve and find methods to get their own way in the end.

One of the more amazing statistics of marriages between cross cultures on an international level, is that they are more successful and longer lasting than marriages between couples from the same country.

When you consider that the Asian mail order bride had to contend with a different language, a different culture, making a whole new group of friends, perhaps even finding a job, it’s a wonder that such a marriage could last for such a long time.