A Brief Overview Of Eastern European Mail Order Brides

Leonora Marks
8 min readApr 28, 2024

Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine have become hot destinations for many men who wish to find married women from these countries. Typically, these men are older, with a firm grasp of the language. On the other hand, Eastern European brides often do not speak English. On the other hand, those who do speak English, typically take English courses during their secondary school days.

In other countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, and Ukraine, English has become quite popular among young professionals. This fact has caused the demand for Eastern European brides to increase, causing the price of wedding dress to skyrocket.

Eastern European Mail Order Brides

Not all women who become Eastern European mail order brides are eager to wed a western man. In many cases, these brides only desire the freedom to travel and meet new people. Many of these women have come from poor backgrounds and lack the financial means to be able to afford an expensive wedding. Therefore, when they find a handsome husband from Europe, these husbands usually pay for the bride’s flight and hotel accommodations and then help her get her passport so that she can travel to her intended spouse’s home country.

Find a prospective mate through the web

1. Register on one of the many online dating sites

Usually, these online dating sites charge a subscription fee for unlimited access. These charges are meant to dissuade members from wasting too much time browsing profiles on the web, as it will only serve to exhaust the members’ quota of available partners. However, most Eastern European women find their future partners through the web. If the woman was not seeking a husband, but rather a potential life partner, then it would be more practical to search the internet for potential partners.

Eastern European Mail Order Brides

2. Find a profile according to your criteria

Most of these criteria are common sense, such as being in good health, being honest in terms of communication, not having a criminal record that goes back several years, and being committed to giving the marriage a certain amount of time before breaking it. While these standards may seem fairly universal, there are several variations between individual members. It is important to note that east European women tend to place a greater emphasis on physical appearance, as physical attraction may not be a strong factor in the decision to date someone.

3. Contact the girl

After choosing a few possible partners, the women make a personal contact with each individual. This may not result in an actual meeting. If an agreement has been reached, then a date will be set up for either a man or a woman. Most western men want their brides as young as possible, so they may try to set up a date with a forty-year-old eastern European mail order brides. However, in some cases, older western men may prefer their younger European ladies.

Most single women who become interested in them do so because they wish to find a lifetime partner who shares common interests and hobbies. For example, many single women from former Soviet states choose to date western men to experience something new, while others may choose to seek out a life partner who speaks a different language. Regardless of the reason, there are countless numbers of single women seeking a life-long partner in this manner throughout the world.

Reasons To Marry A Slavic Bride

It is not only her beauty but also her mentality that attract thousands of men from all over the world. The culture of these ladies is very interesting, so you should have a great time with your partner when you decide to marry her. Besides marrying a western European lady, you can also get married to a Russian lady. Below you will find three good reasons for doing so.

New Culture

They prefer to marry women who come from a different culture. When you marry a woman from the Caucasus Mountains, you get the opportunity to live in a different world altogether. Many foreign men even choose to marry Russian women, because they know that western men do not like living in such close quarters with such beautiful girls.

They speak in English

It is very common for western men to talk in their native languages when they are with their Russian partners. However, when you get married to a lady from the Caucasus Mountains, you will not have to do that. Russian ladies speak excellent English, which means that you will not have to learn a new language when you get married to one. Therefore, it is a very good choice if you are looking to get away from a stressful marriage.

They are very beautiful

You see, many beautiful ladies from the Slavic region have left their home countries to find happiness and prosperity in the west. Many of these ladies have been able to find jobs as cleaners, housewives or managers in big companies in Russia. Therefore, you better think twice before you say “no” to a Russian bride whom you hope to marry because she might want to live in your house.

This is not to say that western men are unapproachable or incapable of attracting beautiful Russian brides. There are quite a few beautiful western girls from the Caucasus Mountains whom we can do business with. However, it has become necessary for most of these ladies to travel to Russia to find love. As a result, you better start preparing your house for the Slavic bridal couple. You may buy new carpets, paint the interior walls in white and red to coordinate with the wedding theme and prepare special “slavic basket” to store all the bride’s personal belongings.

The advantages of Slavic brides

Meet the most charming and unique bride from abroad, meet the one who would make you fall in love with her when you are not even standing in front of her. In fact, meet Slavic brides who have the same culture and civilization as you. When it comes to dating and finding the one, meet Slavic brides to take your relationship to a more sophisticated level. Their rich culture and historical background make them a force to be reckoned with. These are the women who can show you the true meaning of love as they make you feel like you are truly walking on coals. One of the biggest advantages when it comes to meeting Slavic brides is that you do not have to worry about finding a suitable mate for the bride. The brides typically bring their own cultures and families to the marriage, which means that you can always trust them and feel comfortable meeting their family members. It also means that you don’t have to worry about their family values and whether they are fit to be a wife or not. Meet bride from abroad who has the same family values and culture that you have and she will surely fit into your life perfectly. Also, you are guaranteed to find compatibility when it comes to other things such as hobbies, education, career choices etc. That is why, meeting a genuine bride online is definitely better than searching for a bride in person, especially if you are trying to look for true love’s essence.

Tips on where to meet an Eastern European bride

In social networks by the tags

For all you know, many Slavic women might end up meeting their own groom once they travel to your local area. If you are open-minded, you can always try to find ways to get in touch with these brides. Many people are not too keen to meet someone outside their country, however, if you are patient enough you will find someone who would really appreciate the beauty of meeting another culture. The internet is full of opportunities for you to find someone with the same views as you. You will surely be able to meet many Slavic women who are looking for someone they can share their culture with on a daily basis.

Participation in wedding TV shows

There are several popular events which are organized in different cities in Russia. These shows are organized by different Russian Orthodox Church’s choir and are attended by different brides from different parts of the country. You can find out more about the different ways to meet Slavic brides by participating in these popular events. When you are in the local area, you can also participate in one of these shows to find out more about the bride.

Online European dating agencies

There are many websites that can help you meet with the best possible matches for you and your future wife. These agencies offer a variety of services that includes finding matches for you and your future wife, providing you with valuable information regarding marriages, helping you to organize weddings, personal profiles etc. You will be able to choose the bride matching services according to your requirements and budget.

Eastern European Mail Order Brides

What does the cost of Slavic brides depend on

You will find that the rate for a Slavic bride is different from the costs associated with Eastern European brides. The main difference can be found in the type of material that is used to create the attire for the bride. In many cases, the bride will choose traditional clothing that is hand woven or may be hand made. In either case, the cost associated with the Slavic bride is considerably less than the cost associated with an Eastern European bride.

When you are considering the possibility of a bride coming from a different culture and having certain cultural beliefs and preferences as to the way that she should be dressed there can be a significant difference between the cost of the Slavic bride and that of an Eastern European bride. Typically, the cost associated with mail order brides costs is based on the country of origin of the bride. For example, if the bride comes from the Czech Republic the cost will be substantially lower than if she were to come from Poland. Another factor that is considered in the pricing of this type of bride is her age.

Typically, the older a bride is the more that the price will become. Brides who are in their late twenties and up typically do not need to worry about the cost of mail order brides because they do not come from a major country that requires that the bride is at least 25 years of age. In many cases, the cost associated with a bride who is older can be four times that of those who are younger.