How Much Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

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Mail Order Bride Cost

Mail order brides are foreign ladies who register on dating sites with the primary motivation of meeting decent partners to share life with. Nevertheless, the search for your foreign bride implies some expenses. That is why more potential international love-seekers wonder about the mail order bride cost.

This site is dedicated to mail order brides pricing and everything related to dating and marrying foreign women. You can discover all aspects that may affect your dating journey and calculate the cost of your international wife depending on your preferences.

How Much Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

The mail order bride cost is a combination of aspects that are included in the online and offline dating experience with foreign brides. Nevertheless, this concept doesn’t imply that you will need to make some payments to the marriage agency or site to secure your relationships. Consequently, it is impossible to buy a bride since these ladies aren’t commodities for sale.

Buying a foreign spouse isn’t associated with human trafficking. It is all about online communication and transferring your relationships to real love affairs. That is where you will need to learn all the nuances that may affect your expenses. This is what our site was created for, so feel free to scroll down and browse the other articles to get a deeper insight into the matter.

Mail Order Bride Cost

Factors Affecting the Mail Order Bride Cost

Once you start your online dating journey, you may encounter a bunch of factors that may have a direct impact on your budget. Our team has compiled a list of the most essential aspects that affect the process of getting a foreign spouse.

  • Country (17% of the overall cost). The destination of your search makes a big difference when it comes to the average price of your love-seeking ventures. While Slavic ladies are more demanding in dating, traveling to China requires more expenses as well. Generally, your two-week vacation to a foreign country may cost you from $1,500 to $3,500.
  • Online dating site fees (13% of the overall cost). Indeed, online dating is the cheapest aspect included in the mail order brides pricing list. Typically, online daters spend around $100-$150 per month for basic features and around $120 for advanced functionality.
  • Travel costs (6% of the overall cost). Usually, the round trip from New York will cost you between $700 and $1,700.
  • Dates (16% of the overall cost). This aspect is greatly affected by your lifestyle and the demands of your future bride. On average, men spend around $500-$700 for dates during the faction in the home country of their significant other.
  • K1 visa (13% of the overall cost). It is crucial not to overlook this aspect of getting a mail order bride. The price for a fiance visa is approximately $2,300.
  • Wedding (35% of the overall cost). A wedding ceremony implies the most substantial expenses, though its cost may vary depending on the number of guests you invite and how fancy the overall ceremony will be. Be ready to spend around $10,000.

Online Dating Site Fees

Typically, dating sites are free-based, which means they include some free services, but the communication features and the most effective dating options are paid. Take a peek at the scheme to familiarize yourself with the paid and free features usually available on dating sites.

Paid servicesFree servicesLive chatRegistrationPhone callsAccount creationWebcam chatsProfiles browsingVirtual gifts Photos browsing Stickers & media filesSending winks and likes

Dating sitesStarting priceSpecial offerSofiaDate$2.99Get 25 credits for $2.99SakuraDate$2.99Achieve 20 credits after registrationLaDate$2.99The first credit package is discounted.

Travel Costs

Here, everything depends on the country you are going to travel to. Also, it is worth paying attention to the dates of the flight to choose the best deals. While the round trip from New York to Mexico will cost you around $700, the flight tickets to Moscow will be more expensive (around $1,400). Also, it is worth considering transportation services within the country ($100) and accommodation ($1,000).


The way you are going to spend your dates directly affects the price of mail order bride. If you are going to spend your dates at fancy restaurants, be ready to spend more (around $500 per week). In case you are all about getting to know each other in a modest atmosphere, you can save on your dating experience.

K-1 visa

We addressed the reputable lawyers and legit resources to find out the relevant price for a K1 visa. Learn the aspects included in the cost of a fiance visa to get prepared in advance.

  • The filing fee for the I-129F petition is $535
  • The K-1 visa application fee is $265
  • The application fee for the immigrant visa is $325
  • The application fee for adjustment of status is $1,225


A typical wedding in America costs around $10,000. However, the price may drastically change depending on the number of guests, the place of the ceremony, and the wedding outfits of both spouses.

Is It Cheaper to Date Online or in a Traditional Way?

It goes without saying that both online and offline dating experiences require some expenses. However, chatting with ladies, and even using advanced features of dating sites is more affordable compared to traveling abroad, paying for accommodation, and spending time on dates.

That is why it is better to combine online and offline love-seeking experiences into one exciting journey. You can chat with beautiful ladies online for around $100 and then choose your soulmate. Then, you can transform your dating into real-life encounters to develop your love affairs.

Mail Order Bride Cost

Why Is It Better to Search for a Mail Order Bride Online than Look by Yourself Offline?

We researched the factors of both methods in looking for a mail order bride, so let’s see why online dating is more beneficial than searching for your love overseas.

Approaching mail order bride services Searching for your love by yourselfYou can communicate with ladies regardless of your location when you have free time.It is necessary to dedicate much time, effort, and money to searching for your soulmate abroad. Awesome success rates. It is rather tricky to find your soulmate in the crowd of ladies in foreign countries. It may result in several trips abroad, which is rather costly. You can take advantage of professional, dedicated services such as search filters, responsive customer support 24/7, and safe communication options. You may face numerous challenges during your dating journey, including those related to safety, and rely only on yourself. Modest and affordable prices for mail order bride services. Unexpected expenses and potential fraud in foreign countries.

Mail Order Bride Cost

How to Save Money Using Mail Order Bride Websites?

Even though your dating journey requires expenses, they are completely justified considering you find the love of your life without any hassle. Nevertheless, it is still possible to save your romantic experience. Here are the most proven methods on how to spend less using mail order bride websites.

  • Use legit services to avoid unpredictable expenses. Online dating is quite affordable, and when you use trusted websites, you can avoid scams and unexpected fees.
  • Compare pricing policies of multiple services. The typical cost of a mail order bride is determined by the fees charged by the website. Pricing rules and payment options may differ between sites. It’s a good idea to look at a few other websites and evaluate their rates, as well as the features and services that come with those fees.
  • Make the most of freebies and deals. Dating services frequently provide special deals that might help you save money to attract new members and maintain existing lovers. Always check to see if your website has any specials or special deals.

Are Mail Order Brides Services Safe?

If you address a legitimate dating site that has a high level of credibility in the industry, you can avail of a secure experience. Such services include anti-scam policies and well-elaborated messaging options to deliver authentic and safe experiences. There is a bevy of success stories of couples who took advantage of such platforms and managed to find their soulmates. Rely on expert reviews and user testimonials to choose the best dating website and accomplish all your dating goals.

Most Popular Question about Mail Order Bride Price

Can You Get a Mail Order Bride for Free?

There are free mail order bride services, but they appear to have a questionable reputation and you may end up becoming a victim of scammers on free dating sites.

What is the Cheapest Mail Order Bride?

Ladies from Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe are considered to be non-demanding and approachable. There is no need to dig a deep hole in your wallet to win the hearts of ladies from these regions.

Can You Buy a Wife?

Mail order brides are not for sale, so you can’t literary buy a foreign lady and marry her. However, you will need to pay for dedicated services that include catalogs of foreign women who have an urge to meet husbands from abroad.