8 Reasons to Pursue a Mexican Mail Order Bride (And How to Meet Them)

Leonora Marks
9 min readApr 28, 2024


But finding that love in the Western world can be a challenge thanks to the current wave of radical feminism.

The good news is that true love might be just across the border from you right now. In a place you might never have expected to find it…

Mexican Mail Order Bride


There are tens of thousands of single, beautiful, easygoing Mexican girls looking for single, hard-working, eligible foreign guys.

If that’s not enough to get you thinking, here are eight very specific reasons why dating Mexican women is a smart move.

They’re Passionate

Mexican women do absolutely nothing by half measures, and that includes how they love their men.

This can come as a bit of a shock if you’re from North America or Europe, where women are literally being taught that men are the enemy. Even companies that make razor blades are getting in on the anti-man action.

In Mexico, women know that good men are hard to find, but they won’t judge you without getting to know you. But when they do get to know you they’ll love you with all of their hearts, and then some.

But, as any honest man will tell you, with great passion comes…women who are a bit loca. So your Mexican girlfriend will be more physically and emotionally passionate than you’ve ever experienced, but also a tiny bit nuts.

Family Means Everything

Truth be told, most men want to start a family at some stage in their life. Not always when they’re young bucks, but the time comes when they want to find themselves a wife, settle down and have kids.

That’s becoming an increasingly more difficult thing to do in “developed” countries, so looking for a Mexican mail order bride makes more sense.


Because single Mexican ladies want to get married too. They don’t look at being a wife and mother as a burden, but instead as the next steps in any normal relationship.

Her family is the most important thing in the world to her until she decides to start a family with you.

They Can Cook Their Way To Your Heart

Does it really matter whether or not your girlfriend can cook? Once you taste real Mexican food, cooked with that extra bit of love, you’ll never ask that question again.

It’s not like you’ll only look for a Mexican wife who can cook, and if she can’t then you lose all interest. But it’s nice to be with a woman whose idea of dinner extends beyond what she can order over the phone or pour from a tin.

And that’s without considering that millennial women struggle to open a tin of tuna. Yes, this is a real thing.

This isn’t something a Mexican woman would ever be able to understand.

She Says What She Means

There are no mind games with Mexican women. No countless hours of silence where you’re left trying to figure out what you did wrong with your Western girlfriend, or if you did anything wrong at all.

You won’t have to spend hours, weeks or days wondering what’s on her mind because she’ll flat out tell you.

Actually, she’ll tell you what’s on her mind whether you like it or not. That’s part of the charm, or it is once you get used to their complete and total honesty about everything in their lives, including you.

You’ll always know where you stand with a Mexican wife.

They Are More Agreeable

Relax, we’re not suggesting for a second that these women are psychological, emotional or sexual doormats.

We mean “agreeable” in the psychological sense that Mexican girls are far more likely to want to work with you to create a stable and loving relationship that benefits both of you.

This is unlike the situation you’ll find yourself in with most Western women who expect you to never ever do anything to upset them, even if they’ve cheated on you, for example.

Mexican women’s level of “agreeableness” comes down to the fact they understand that men and women complement each other, so the only way to build a great relationship is where she spends as much time learning about what makes you tick, as you do with her.

She Is Beyond Loyal

She has spent most of her adult life surrounded by cheating pendejos — that’s the nature of the Mexican dating scene. Guys here cheat because they feel entitled to it, and it’s gotten so bad that some “modern” Mexican girls are emulating them.

But the genuine girls wouldn’t dream of doing that to their guy because they value loyalty almost as much as they value family.

Part of the reason why Mexican women are so incredibly loyal is that they’re also slightly possessive, but this is because they want you, and only you.

Imagine what it would feel like dating a girl who thinks that cheating on her man is pretty much the worst thing she could do?

They’re Hot

Mexican Mail Order Bride

Really, did we leave their absolute hotness for the finale?

Yes, we did, and because we didn’t want to just rely on looks. Most of you can already name a variety of completely stunning Mexican celebs like Sofia Vergara, Alessandra Ambrosio or Salma Hayek.

That’s why we wanted you to understand and appreciate the other qualities these women have that make them valuable as a mail-order bride-to-be.

But they are hot.

That mixture of Native American and European genes has created something that is truly beautiful to behold. Long dark hair, hazel eyes, caramel-colored skin and pouting lips framed by a face with flawless skin.

Oh and they age a lot more slowly than western women too. So while you’ll see your typical American blonde getting cosmetic surgery while she’s in her late 30s, Latinas don’t even need to consider doing that until they’re in their 50s, if even then.

They Live Longer

Talking about how long your future wife might live isn’t something we’d normally include in an article on finding a mail-order bride, but would you prefer to find and marry a woman with a short life expectancy?

Probably not.

The simple fact is that Mexican women are less likely to develop heart disease and other similar health conditions than women in the west.

There are a number of reasons for this, but most of them revolve around lifestyle, staying at a healthy weight, staying active, and taking care of their overall health.

Mexico doesn’t have an obesity crisis, or any type of “body positivity” movement simply because women here:

1. Can’t afford to sit around and get fat

2. Have more self-respect for themselves than to do that to their body

How To Meet Mexican Girls

The first step in meeting single Mexican ladies is to not visit cities and parts of the country where dating gringos is not the norm.

What you’ll find is that women who live in the southern towns won’t look how you expect them to — their skin is far darker, so they’re more “native” in appearance.

But if that’s your thing, then rock on brother, and head down south. No pun intended.

One area to really avoid is the northern border towns. They’re complete tourist traps, overflowing with hookers, and not always the safest of places to be.

You’re unlikely to meet a sweet, single Mexican girl in any of these towns and cities.

It’s not impossible, but the odds are stacked against you.

Instead you should focus your efforts on the goldilocks zone of central Mexico, especially cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City itself.

Yes, we know that you thought Mexico City was a dangerous place to visit, but that simply isn’t so.

In fact, it’s one of the best places to find single women who actually live on their own instead of with their parents.

Mexican Dating Sites

It makes a lot of sense to start your Mexican dating in the online world first, and then move it to real-life once you’ve found one or more women you’ve clicked with.

Dating opportunities in Mexico are not hard to find — especially if you have international dating experience — but it’s always good to have at least a few dates lined up before you arrive so that you get to know the dating culture inside out as quickly as possible.

Some pre-arranged dates give you an idea of what to expect later on, so they’re worth the effort of signing up to a few online dating sites and getting chatting.

Mexican Cupid is a great place to start.

Yes, there are lots of other sites you could use, but you’ll make your dating adventure go a lot smoother by using reputable sites instead of the cheapest ones you can find.

If you’re looking for romance tours around Mexico, well they’re kinda difficult to track down. A Foreign Affair currently does not run tours to Mexico — but they do have some fantastic tours to other Latin cities.

The Mexico Dating Scene

There are some things you need to understand here to improve your chances of meeting the perfect Mexican woman.

The first is that you need to dress as if you were about to meet the woman of your dreams.

She will turn up for your date dressed to impress, so if you turn up dressed like a lazy tourist you’re going to set the wrong tone for any future dates. If she wants to meet you again, that is.

Next up is that she’s not some poor Mexican peasant you can grope because you like what you see. Not that visitors to this site would dream of doing that, but local guys tend to be real pigs.

Be the white knight in a forest filled with sweaty, dumb, overly-macho types.

Mexican girls go out in groups, usually including at least one cousin, sister or other relatives. This is just how they socialize, plus it provides them with the protection of a “pack”.

But you’ll need to break into that pack, which isn’t easy. Unless you know how to dance (even badly) because then you can ask her to dance with you.

It’s the perfect excuse for breaking her social circle apart without looking and sounding like a complete doofus. Don’t be worried she’ll say “No” — Mexican women rarely refuse an offer to dance.

A big mention here is that the vast, vast majority of Mexican women live at home with their parents, or with relatives. Again this is a social norm for them. It also means that going back to her place is very rarely an option.

And finally, learn to speak at least conversational Spanish. It’s a pretty easy language to learn when compared to something like Tagalog or Mandarin Chinese, so there’s no real excuse for not doing that.

Is Mexico Expensive To Visit?

Mexico has a reputation for being an extremely affordable country for foreign visitors, but does it deserve that reputation?

It all depends on what part of the country you’re visiting but here are some basic guidelines.


Expect to pay anywhere from $10 — $30 per night for non-tourist cities, and from $30 upwards per night in major tourist centers.

Again, another reason for avoiding anywhere except central Mexico. Anything more than $50 per night will get you a luxurious room in the vast majority of hotels here.


So cheap there are no words. You can live on street food for about $4 per day, but if you absolutely have to eat in restaurants you’ll get an amazing meal for $20.

You can buy an entire week’s groceries for about $30 — just to give you an idea of how far a small budget can go here.


Getting to and from Mexico is relatively straightforward if you’re traveling from North America. Flights take anywhere from 4–6 hours, and cost around $400 for a return ticket.

If you’re traveling from Europe, flights take anywhere from 12 to 20 hours, depending on your country of origin, but a return flight still costs no more than maybe $800.


We hope after carefully reading this guide that you might be one step closer on your journey to marrying a Mexican woman.

They’re not perfect, but for what flaws they do have they’re still a much better choice for a wife and a partner in life than you’ll find in most North American or European cities.

Let us know what you liked most, or didn’t like at all, about this article with a comment below.