Why Learn Functional Programming in JavaScript? (Composing Software)
Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott. I am learning JS and rely heavily on yourself and Kyle Simpson as my gurus. I am convinced by the ideas you are promoting.

I am hoping to work as a JS dev and I was wondering, if I continue developing my coding style using FP as my default way of programming, will I find it difficult when joining a team of other developers who don’t code like this? In general, how difficult is it to ‘fit in’ with other developers styles if I use FP? Wouldn’t I be expected to adopt the tools and styles of the team?

To learn JS I have not been using any frameworks or libraries and just writing everything I need myself so that I know what is happening. This is why I like FP because it cuts out a lot of extra unnecessary code. But I am guessing that is not how productive teams do things!

Anyway, thanks for your advice.

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