From A Hard Monday To A Bright Sunday

Everyone except me hates Mondays. Here is why I don’t…

I love Mondays. Seriously. For me there is nothing better than waking up going to school preparing for exams and working my butt off. Why? It’s all about the philosophy. A large amount of people will stop reading this article now because there are too many people who write about why they like Mondays but I guess here is the smarter attempt.

1. Monday and Saturday Are The Same

I personally don’t make a difference between any day of the week. I am still a high school student but already experienced life as a university student (worked in a university for a couple of years), worked for companies and now build up my own company. So, I have seen every possible perspective.

What sticks out to me is that if you never completely stop doing, creating, you will be much more aware of the fact that it doesn’t matter on which day you create.

I work seven days a week, at least 10 hours a day for the last 5 years and I seriously enjoy it because I had insane success with everything I did.

If you have the desire to succeed or reach a certain goal it doesn’t matter which day you work on. You rather enjoy working every day.

2. If you have nothing to wake up for, go back to bed!

I want to revolutionize the world and I think everyone at some point in life wants to do that but gives up because they believe it is not possible. If you have no dreams, life is not worth living. Go back to bed!

If you have dreams, go for it. I don’t need to advice you “go for it everyday” because you certainly will anyway.

3. Take Things Less Seriously

Your job is hard, school or university is hard but why do you complain? The moment you read this you are probably in the Western world with your stomach filled only concerned about rather unimportant problems.

Travel and get perspective what real problems are. After that you will laugh about the idea that favoring a certain day and hating another one was an actual problem for you.

Thanks for reading.
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