How To Overcome Procrastination

When things need to get done, procrastination has always been an issue. In the following, I will show you some innovative and interesting ways to boost your performance and get done with things more quickly.

This is an article I wrote a couple of years ago…

1. Time Management
Download an app (Sunrise) and track everything you do today. Schedule your meals, meetings, home hours, free time and your sleeping hours. Within the next weeks of doing so, you will recognize that at certain points of your day, you waste time. Use that time more effectively (talk to your kids, work on a project that matters to you or is financially rewarding). Time managment mostly helps you to keep your focus on what you want to accomplish. It perhaps may be hard to do but will pay off forever.

2. Water-Workout-Water Schedule

As soon as you wake up, drink 250ml of water and get out jogging. It will pump blood through your vains and will you get your focus back. Don’t do more then 45min of running. Why? Well, you want accomplish what matters to you today and shouldn’t be too tired to do so. As soon as you come back home from jogging, have another 250ml-500ml of water. It will rehydrate your body and get you back on track. If you don’t want to do any running, do yoga for 30min and 15min of meditation.

3. Get A Caffeine Kick in the Morning!

Start with a green tea or an espresso. It will wake you up and get your mind start working. I would recommend drinking green tea instead of espresso. Green tea doesn’t offer as much caffeine as an espresso but will surely benefit your health more then an espresso every morning. Here’s a list of other caffeine kicks you might want to try:

I. SumSeeds Energized Sunflower Seeds — containing folate, B6, and vitamin E, sunflowers seeds are a natural caffein energizer.

II. Chocolate — the cocoa bean naturally contains caffein. Remember: The darker the chocolate, the higher the amount of caffein per ounce.

III. Energy Waters — such as Fruit2O Energy

IV. Oat Meal — suprisingly, most oat meals are packed with caffein

V. Sodas — such as Mountain Dew, Sunkist or A&W Cream Soda

4. The Right Breakfast

Get a healthy breakfast or grap a healthy snack before you go to work. Studies suggest that eating breakfast will not just make you lose weight in the long term but will also increase your mental well-doing over the entire day. Here are some breakfast ideas you might want to consider trying tomorrow morning.

BREAKFAST1: Green Tea, Orange Juice, 2 Scrambled Eggs on 1 Slice of Rye Bread, 1 Avocado (salted/peppered)
BREAKFAST 2: 1 Espresso, Cherry Juice, a healthy green smoothie (spinach, avocado, apple, and frozen mango)

5. Caffein Nap

Sleeping and coffein at the same time? Suprisingly, it works quite well. Here’s how the caffein nap works: FIRST: Get in your sleeping position. SECOND: Down a cup of coffee THIRD: Sleep for not more than 15min. As soon as you wake up, you will feel refreshed and refocused.

But why does it work? The caffeine takes some time to pass the gastro-intestinal tract until it actually kicks in. 15min is the perfect time for it to rush through your body and get you pumped up again.

6. Commit to Your Assignments

Track your assignments and be realistic. How much time will it take you today to do certain things? Think about your own mental state today and how well you do today. It doesn’t help you in any way if you are dishonest with yourself.

If you can, outsource as many things as you can. It will not just save you time but most often also money. Do less more clever. and several other websites offer ghostwriters to write you texts, do an app design for you, and many other things. Use these services wisely.

7. Psychology

Get motivated! This might be the hardest thing to do but as soon as you once figured it out, it will help you every day for the rest of your life. If you don’t know how to motivate yourself, watch motivational YouTube videos or check motivational quotes.

Talk positively! You can do it. You will do it. You’ve already done it, so nothing will stop you from doing it again. Get the thought in your head that you are winning every second of this day and that nothing is impossible. Perhaps even being a little cocky might help.

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