One Question For The Rest Of Your Life

Why don’t we give our best every day?

I am right now living in Beijing, China. Here in China the difference between rich and poor is much more apparent than in the West. I lived everywhere on earth and only just turned 18. I got my PhD offered at age 17, traveled the world and learned 7 languages on the way.

I give my best every day of my life but am still not moving as fast as I want me to move. It is not about exposing yourself to unnecessary pressure or hustling 24/7 it is rather about making a difference in your life.

I don’t understand why most of us don’t give their best every day in life. Isn’t your life the most precious and valuable thing you have? Why do most people waste it then and don’t pursue what will give them a better life?

It is time we all start pursuing and not just theorizing about the shortest way to get there.

Stop procrastinating, you could be in the Carribean right now drinking cocktails and relaxing on the beach. Why are you not there yet? Because you didn’t give your best every day. Move smart, not quickly.

Stop reading this article now and start working on what brings you ahead!

Give your best every day! Nothing more, nothing less.

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