#repost The Human Company

From meditation to a heart officer, companies shift in their thinking concerning happiness and well-being of their employees. Last week VaynerMedia employed a heart officer in order to enlargen the effect of gratitude emitted by the companies chief executive officer.

The development goes rapid and seems to lead to higher profits in the long term. From Andrew Carnegie’s slave like working conditions to Facebook’s open offices with fruit bars and fitness studios, the shift went quicker than we might think. It is normal to have a cafeteria or some kind of relaxation area in the company, whether it is just a ping pong table or a music production studio at Google in Paolo Alto.

Is it time for us to overthink how we create a proper working environment or should we strive for high profits and don’t care about working conditions (to the extend that the federal law is obviously is not violated)?

Is it perhaps a way to let workers work longer hours and disconnect then from home? Is it a sustainable system for many companies or does it only work for large companies who can afford to sustain such working environment over a longer time?

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