Running A Business Feels Like Every-Day Christmas

The beauty of running a successful business is that every day feels like Christmas. The first thing I do every morning is check my accounts with the certainty that last night I made money without having done anything. I don’t say this to brag, it’s simply that I believe more people should understand how to value their time, not intra day but rather long term. There is nothing as stress-relieving as founding a company early in life and pushing with all possible force towards financial and personal success.

Two days ago, I gave a talk at in which I talked about how to make money as an online educator but also how to just simply get your life straight early. 
< Get the big decision right in life and the smaller ones will fit in automatically. >

Our world needs to embrace the fact more that hard work gets you places. And that every dream is achievable, if you are willing to pay the inevitable price for it.

Teaching Hero has been growing very quickly over the last few months and that makes me very proud. When I spend a year abroad in China, I started understanding a couple of things about life. I sat in a train from Beijing to Shanghai when I realized how beautiful life would be if i hadn’t any pressure, meaning complete freedom of space and time. 
Since then, the idea sticked to my mind that at age 25 I will be able to sit in that train again and have exactly that feeling.
It needs just one moment to change one’s entire life. This was mine.

At some point, you will regret not acting now and not pursuing what you believe in. Please understand, dreams are only dreams until you reach them. Giving up freedom for 5 years and working as hard as you can with the chance of reaching your dreams within that 5 year window of time should be enough motivation for you to go out and do stuff.

In front of who are you afraid to fail?